Emboldened and Empowered, Abuse Survivors 'Testify' Through T-Shirts

Published 04.10.2014


'Clothesline' carries powerful messages.The Clothesline Project, a visual display that dramatically draws attention to violence against women, returned to campus this week as part of Penn College's annual Sexual Assault Awareness activities. T-shirts bearing messages from abuse survivors and their families were hung overhead in the Bush Campus Center and Madigan Library, just one of the related events organized by Healthy Wildcats. The observance also included "Drawing the Shades," a nationally recognized multimedia performance depicting the emotional experience of rape and sexual assault, held Wednesday evening in the Klump Academic Center Auditorium. The program, a short play followed by a musical slideshow, also was offered earlier in the month as a professional development activity for Penn College faculty and staff.
Photo by Craig R. Urey, student photographer