Viable and Visible, Vehicles Supplement Alternative-Fuels Workshop

Published 03.26.2014

Faculty & Staff
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A variety of vehicles surround the ATC on Wednesday, from Landi Renzo's bi-fuel Ford F-550 in the foreground to Brightbill's propane-powered school bus in the distance.Barry Carr, director of business development for Landi Renzo, discusses vehicles fueled by natural gas – and the infrastructure necessary to support that technology.A local example: One of River Valley Transit's fleet of compressed natural gas buses.Penn College was among the sponsors of the Alternative Fuels, Vehicles and Technology Workshop held Wednesday in the Thompson Professional Development Center. The Eastern Pennsylvania Alliance for Clean Transportation and the state Department of Energy organized the event, which featured panel discussions and presentations on "homegrown, environmentally friendly alternatives" to gasoline and diesel fuel. Welcoming remarks were offered by Brett A. Reasner, the college's assistant dean of transportation and natural resources technologies, and automotive professor Ronald A. Garner, and a number of faculty and staff attended the program: David C. Johnson and William P. Kilcoyne Jr., diesel equipment technology instructors; Larry B. Leavitt and David P. Showan, associate professors of automotive; and Robert C. Karschner Jr., master mechanic for General Services' motorpool. The event, spearheaded by EP-ACT Executive Director Tony Bandiero, also included a vehicle display near the Parkes Automotive Technology Center.