Penn College Flag Fittingly Displayed After Return From Service

Published 11.10.2013

Alumni News

Folded and framed, the college flag is exhibited in a location of honor.Certificate of authenticityA combination of PCToday articles from October 2012 and February 2013 charts the flag's trip to Afghanistan and back.A Penn College flag that flew over an Army base in Northern Afghanistan, and was brought back to campus last winter by the May 2011 alumnus who proudly requested it, is on display in the veterans area of the Financial Aid Office (Room 1013 of the Student and Administrative Services Center). The flag was returned in February by Sgt. Peter J. Cassarly, a cum laude graduate in residential construction technology and management, and presented to Joann Kay, the office’s coordinator of veterans affairs/work-study. It has since been framed, along with reproductions of earlier PCToday articles and certification that it was flown in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.
Photos by Marc T. Kaylor, student photographer