1969 – A Tradition of Giving

Published 04.24.2013

Alumni News

1969: WACC students and faculty/staff line up for blood driveThe latest Red Cross Bloodmobile at Penn College collected 229 units over two days, a gratifying amount that still did not top the 320 pints donated by Williamsport Area Community College students and employees on March 5, 1969. As reported in the Spotlight campus newspaper, an open challenge to students was initiated by the Service and Operation of Heavy Construction Equipment organization, along with posters advertising the Bloodmobile. Nearly 400 students and faculty responded to the challenge, and, while 53 were rejected as donors,  the principle behind the effort remained. WACC united for a cause in the Student Government-sponsored blood drive, surpassing expectations and topping the Lycoming County record by 13 pints. "This should demonstrate to us that much can be accomplished in our society if we care enough to direct our efforts to the good things we believe in," college President Kenneth E. Carl wrote in a published letter to students. "I'm confident that society will benefit from the contributions that you will make in the future."