Holocaust Discussion Held as Follow-Up to Museum Visit

Published 02.14.2013

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Students supplement classroom assignments with museum field trip.Thirty-two Penn College students and guests traveled Saturday to the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, D.C. They were accompanied by Malinda C. Love, assistant director of student activities for diversity and cultural life, and Tom A. Zimmerman, associate professor of psychology (who also provided the photo). The students, many of whom have taken psychology courses with Zimmerman and history courses with faculty members William J. Astore (professor) Craig A. Miller (assistant professor), attended an introductory session by Astore about the historical aspects of the Holocaust. They also received readings from Astore related to Holocaust history and from Zimmerman on survivorship and resilience. A follow-up discussion about the trip, the museum and the readings was held Thursday afternoon in the Klump Academic Center. The museum visit was a joint effort of the School of Integrated Studies, Student Activities and the Lycoming County Brotherhood Alliance.