'Open House' Crowds Brave Storm for Informative Visit to Penn College

Published 10.28.2012


Unfazed by the forecast and undeterred as they explored the fall bounty of Penn College, Open House guests hit the ground early to get all their questions answered before then-Hurricane Sandy could put a damper on their mission. Information sessions, laboratory presentations and campus thoroughfares were full of visitors, all of them eager to learn more about the college's "degrees that work" – and all of them assisted in their quest by helpful, knowledgeable and affable students, faculty and staff. For any prospective guest who was uncomfortable traveling due to the imminent storm (a storm that ultimately resulted in the precautionary closing of Penn College for two and a half days), the institution offers a number of alternative dates for campus tours, including Saturday, Nov. 10. To select an alternative tour date, visit online or call the Admissions Office at 570-327-4761 or 800-367-9222.

– Photos by Jennifer A. Cline, writer/editor-One College Avenue;
Carol A. Lugg, coordinator of matriculation and retention, School of Natural Resources Management;
Tom Wilson, writer/editor-PCToday; and Cindy Davis Meixel, writer/photo editor