Master Falconer Enlightens in Return Visit to ESC

Published 03.23.2012

Student News
School of Transportation & Natural Resources Technologies News

A display of mantling how a bird conceals its kill from another predator with student Christian J. Falvo, of Warren A Harris's Hawk eyes the photographer during Cheri Heimbach's classroom visit The gloved hand of student Zachary C. Shaffer, Montoursville, awaits the return of the Harris's Hawk The Master Falconer displays an Eagle Owl for forest technology students A Harris's Hawk perches on student Kyle A. Seyler, of Loganton, outside the Schneebeli Earth Science CenterAbout 25 students in forestry instructor Jack E. Fisher's Wildlife Management class got hands-on exposure to birds of prey, as Master Falconer Cheri Heimbach returned to the School of Natural Resources Management this week. One of about 150 falconers in Pennsylvania, Heimbach brought along a Barbary Falcon, a Red-tailed Hawk, an Eagle Owl and a Harris's Hawk. In addition to learning about the 4,000-year-old art of falconry, students heard details of each bird's characteristics including flight speed and the power of its beak and talons.
Photos by Erich R. Doebler, laboratory assistant for forest technology