North Campus to Offer Classes for QuickBooks

Published 03.30.2011

Penn College at Wellsboro

For small-business owners who want to manage their financial accounts with greater confidence, entrepreneurs with energy and ideas but no accounting experience, as well as those who have basic knowledge of computer-accounting packages but want to learn more, help is available through a noncredit course offered at Pennsylvania College of Technology's North Campus near Wellsboro.

An Introduction to QuickBooks class will be held at the North Campus on Wednesdays, April 27 through May 11. The class will meet in the facility's computer lab from 6 to 9 p.m. The instructor is a certified public accountant, and classes are informal with the opportunity for participants to ask questions and discuss problem areas.

QuickBooks is the No. 1 accounting software for individuals and businesses with little bookkeeping knowledge. Participants will learn how to create and track accounts, generate invoices and process payments, leverage Internet technologies for accounting activities, and learn tips and tricks for more flexible navigation within the program.

The class is user-friendly, taught by an industry expert, and is especially helpful for someone with a new business or someone thinking of starting a business.

North Campus course offerings are presented through Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Penn College. The classes have limited enrollment; participants are encouraged to register early to reserve a seat. The cost for the class is $169, which includes a reference book.

For more information, or to register for a class, call the North Campus at 570-724-7703.