Band's Multimedia Performance to Supplement Gallery Show

Published 01.14.2011


Electric Volcano Experiment will perform from 7%3A30 to 8%3A30 p.m. Jan. the Gallery at Penn College.The Gallery at Penn College and the Student Activities Office are co-hosting the band, Electric Volcano Experiment, on Jan. 20. The band will play from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m. in the gallery, on the third floor of Madigan Library, which will be transformed into a music nightclub including "mocktails" for this special event. Admission is free and light refreshments will be provided; there will be a $1 charge for the nonalcoholic mixed drinks.

Both the club atmosphere and the current exhibit, "Mark Khaisman: Likeness of a Likeness," will provide a perfect stage for Electric Volcano Experiment's performance. Select artworks on display are based on movies; the artist reconstructs a single frame of film out of packing tape, and lights the work from behind. Electric Volcano Experiment will show an art film on a large-screen television, and will replace the sound with new music they have created to represent the film. The combination media, both based on film, will provide the audience with an exciting hour of visual and musical art.

Electric Volcano Experiment's website describes the band's work as "reaching into the soundscapes of jazz, rock, and electronic (to create) music that resonates from the styles of Miles Davis to Brian Eno to Black Sabbath"¦their music is an improvisational, cinematic journey across the rhythms and the sounds of life."

The members of Electric Volcano Experiment are accomplished musicians: Jeremy Hummel on drums and percussion, Andy Seal on basses and synthesizers, and Alex Callenberger on guitar and effects.

Hummel is known for his success with the band, Breaking Benjamin, which achieved platinum status in album sales, and had two top songs at the Active Rock Radio Format.

Seal has contributed original music to several PBS documentaries and other independent films, most recently, the thriller/horror film, "All Is Normal." He regularly performs with the jazz trio, Burgess, Mitchell and Seal.

Callenberger, a California native, moved to Pennsylvania in 2002 and has since formed a variety of bands including Dr. Dye and the Sound Practitioners, and Infinite Bliss. He is an instructor at the Uptown Music Collective and directs large-scale performances for the school.

For more information on the band, visit online , for more information on the concert, contact the gallery at 570-320-2445 or by e-mail .