Accounting Society Tours Long-Standing Pennsylvania Business

Published 12.01.2010

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Accounting Society members gather outside the landmark Yuengling brewery with CEO Dick Yuengling (center) and adviser Phillip D. Landers (right). On Friday, Nov. 12, Penn College's Accounting Society took an educational trip to the Yuengling Brewing Co. in Pottsville. "We began with a tour of the facilities; it was a great tour," said Shannon Killian, society president, who also provided the group photo at left. "We learned about how the company got started and how they survived Prohibition. They came up with a great business plan to produce ice cream and other dairy products, then switched back to focusing on the beer." The group also met with current owner and chief executive officer Dick Yuengling, who discussed how he runs the company. "What was interesting was that, even though he (and every CEO before him) wanted the company to stay in the Yuengling family, he will require his daughter to purchase the company from him at fair market value," Killian explained. "His motto is 'If you pay for it, you'll take care of it!' All in all, it was a great trip, and we learned quite a bit about manufacturing policies and procedures." Killian was joined by adviser Phillip D. Landers, professor of business administration/management; and classmates Josh Wilson, Kylie Waslosky, Jolinda Bischof, Shane Burridge, Nate Hyde, Tera Rowe and Shane Davis.