Penn College Family's Military Service Honored on Veterans Day

Published 11.11.2009

Student News
Faculty & Staff

A color guard representing varied branches of America's armed forces passes through Pennsylvania College of Technology's main entrance during the annual God, Country and Community Flag March.On this Veterans Day, PCToday honors the Pennsylvania College of Technology students, faculty and staff who have served (or continue to serve) the United States.

"I can say that I am very proud to have served my country and I want to wish well to all those still serving," wrote one veteran, among scores of servicemen and women who sought inclusion on this voluntary honor roll.

" I wish to extend my deepestgratitudeto our students who have served orare now serving in the military," another said. "They are a special breed of people who love their country andwho sacrifice their time and lives, if necessary, to protect our way of life. These people are heroes, in myopinion. They give up their valued time and, in some cases, long departures from their families to protect us from a very nasty world out there. Because of their dedication, we are able to ... enjoy(the) freedoms wehave today."

Members of the college community are encouraged to join inpaying tribute tothese heroic colleagues along with alumni, as well as the friends and families of students and employees who are among those we recognize.


  • Keith Anderson, Marine Corps, 2004-present

  • Jason A. Baier, Air Force, four years' active duty

  • Russell Blankenship, Pennsylvania National Guard, one year

  • Cadet Anthony J. Breighner, Army Reserves/Army ROTC, 2006-present

  • DanaBrown, Army, current reservist, four years' service

  • Robert Brown, Army, eight years

  • Spc. Sean Buckman, Army,eight years, stationed at Fort Meade, Md.

  • Lisa J. Cardennis, Navy, 1985-89

  • Operations Specialist First Class John "J.C." Carlson, Navy (retired), 21 years' service

  • James E. Carr III, Army, five years' active duty

  • Staff Sgt. Matthew Dechant , five years' active duty, Air Force; three years' reserve, Air National Guard

  • Spc. Raymond A. Dunklebarger, Army, August 2007-present. Will deploy to Camp Anaconda, Iraq, on March 9

  • Gunnery Sgt. Samuel P. Ferster, Marine Corps(retired), 20 years' service

  • Kenneth R. Gough Jr., Marines, Sept. 5, 2000-Sept. 4, 2005

  • Staff Sgt. Joshua Guerrero, Army, eight years

  • Adam Hall, Army, six years

  • Lori B. Harrigan, Navy, 2004-08

  • Andrew J Hoysock Jr., Navy; hospital corpsman, second class; active duty from June 2001 toJune 2009-including two tours in Iraq;Naval Reservefrom June to present)

  • Pfc. Jacob Hume, Pennsylvania Army National Guard, two years

  • Matthew Hyde, Army, seven years

  • Sgt. Kyle Kalasnik, Marine Corps, 2003-07

  • Richard Kaminski, Army National Guard, six years (including a year in Afghanistan)

  • Aaron Kessler, Army, five years (including service as an infantryman during a tour in Afghanistan)

  • Thomas Lloyd, Navy, active duty from 2001-06

  • George Logue, Army National Guard, seven years

  • Spc. Jeanne McCaslin, Army Reserves, 1986-96

  • Megan Nestel, Navy, four and a half years

  • Corin Nestlerode, Air Force, one year

  • Sgt. Shane Patrick, Army, four and a half years (including 15 months with an IED squad in Iraq)

  • Pfc. Jacqueline M. Richnafsky, Army, two years

  • John C. Ripka Jr., Navy (as a hospital corpsman), Army and Pennsylvania Army National Guard; 13 years, nine months' total service

  • Sgt. Jamie Rager,serving 14th year with Pennsylvania Army National Guard

  • Steven Root, Army, 2001-present

  • Pfc. Levi Schappell, Army National Guard, currently serving

  • Kevin Steinbacher, Navy, December 1984-June 1994

  • Alicia Stryker, Navy, four years

  • John B. Tunney, Army, 1978-84

  • Bruce Tymeson Jr., Marines, nine years' active duty (1987-96)

  • Joseph M. VanHulle , Marine Corps, 1987-94; Army, 1995-98 and 2003-08


  • Leita Faye Clark, Navy 1982-93 (also a student)

  • Dennis R. Dorward, Army, three years

  • Gary S. Giacobbi, Air Force; 20 years, seven months' service

  • Col. Terry A. Girdon, Army (retired), 28 years

  • John M. Good III, Army, five years

  • Walter V. Gower, Marine Corps, 22 years' active duty and reserves

  • Barry P. Heiser, Air Force, 1964-68

  • Edgar A. Hollingsworth, Army/Army Reserve, retired

  • Ken C. Kuhns, Air Force, 1972-76

  • Robert I. Mitchell, Air Force, 1974-96

  • Scott F. O'Connor, Army, (active duty and reserves) 1986-94; served in South Korea from 1991-93

  • Harold D. Overdorf, Navy (Seabees, retired), 22 years' service

  • Lawrence P. Stabler, Air Force, Oct. 21, 1954-May 9, 1963

  • Col. William B. Urosevich, Army Reserve (retired), 30 years

  • Nick A. Vonada, seven years of active duty, Army; 20 years in Army Reserve. ( Drafted in 1971 for Vietnam War, injured in a UH-1 helicopter crash; transferred to the DMZ in Korea, 1972-72; Army Reserve, 1981-2001; served in the first Gulf War, 1991, and in Bosnia and Kosovo, 1995-97; retired in 2001 with the rank of majorS2/S3 327th Battalion U.S. Army Reserve Center in Williamsport)

  • Claude T. Witts, Marine Corps, 1988-92

  • Thomas A. Zimmerman, Navy Reserve, 1970-2001


  • Norman L. Allen, Navy, September 1976-80

  • Sharon R, Cashwell, Army Reserves (retired); 21 years, seven months and seven days

  • Randall K. Curry, Air Force, 1979-89

  • Charles A. Duda, Navy, 1972-76

  • Sgt. 1st Class Raymond J. Fischer, Army/Army Reserves (retired), 20 years

  • Adrian A. Harry, Army, 1975-78

  • Bambi A. Hawkins, Coast Guard, June 1988-April 1994

  • Francis T. Hendershot, Marines, 1965-69 (served in Vietnamin 1968-69)

  • Joseph O. King, Pennsylvania National Guard, four years, veteran of Afghanistan

  • Anthony Martin, Army, seven years (just returned from overseas duty)

  • David L. Mauck, Coast Guard, petty officer, second class, 1978-82; Pennsylvania Army National Guard, specialist, 1982-85

  • Larry L. Michael, Air Force, 1968-72

  • Samuel A. Morgante, Navy, retired after 20 years' service

  • Walt D. Nyman, Army; four years' active duty, four years' inactive

  • Charles W. Oldt, Navy, 1968-72

  • John C. Phillips Jr., Navy, 1970-90

  • Gary A. Rising, Army, two years' service (including one in Vietnam)

  • Heidi A. Samsel, Air Force, 1989-92 (also a student)

  • Walter J. Shultz Jr., Navy, 1993-99(also an adjunct faculty member)

  • Robert J. Slothus, Air Force, 1971-74

  • Rick S. Smith, Air Force, four years

  • Rebecca A. Steer, Army, eight years' active duty and eight years' reserve. (Active duty from May 1985-May 1992 and reserve duty until 2003. Called back to active duty after Sept. 11, 2001, and served one year stateside at Aberdeen Proving Grounds during Operation Noble Eagle; left the military in September 2003.)

  • Kimberly A. Venti, Air Force,four years

  • Steven H. Wallace, Army, 20 years

  • Capt. Hank H. White, Air Force, four and a half years

  • Colin W. Williamson, Navy; seven years' active duty, 13 years reserve