Resident Assistants Prepped, Pumped for Semester's Start

Published 08.12.2009

Student News

RAs gather at the main entrance Rachel C. Ruhl, left, and Margaret E. Hickey From left, RAs Elizabeth T. Rutt, Corvin K. Oberholtzer and Tracy A. Garis An obviously enthusiastic Adam S. Feather All work and no play? Penn College's capable cadre of Resident Assistants reported to campus in advance of Fall 2009 classes, undergoing a battery of training sessions to prepare them for their upcoming duties in the college's residence-hall complexes. The team of student leaders took time out from its busy pre-Welcome Weekend schedule Wednesday for some photos both official and not-so-straight-laced at the main campus entrance off Maynard Street.
Photos by Cindy Davis Meixel, photo editor