Industry Training Helps Diesel Technology Faculty Think 'Green'

Published 08.12.2009

Faculty & Staff
Diesel Truck, Heavy Equipment & Power Generation

In keeping with the environmentally aware tradition of Penn College's School of Natural Resources Management, diesel technology faculty members Claude T. Witts, Christopher S. Weaver and Justin W. Beishline recently attended a professional-development seminar related to emissions. The comprehensive training session, provided by the Susquehanna Motor Co., focused on the 2010 U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's mandated emissions requirements for the diesel industry. Emissions continues to be an important topic for the industry and for the college's diesel technology students as changing regulations require improved fuel efficiency and new technologies. The latest emissions requirements require the reduction of oxides of nitrogen to be near zero levels, significantly reducing the negative environmental impact. The Penn College diesel technology program relies on advanced faculty training and industry ties to keep its curriculum updated with the latest industry trends.