PMC Director Accepts Pinnacle Award for SPE Rotomolders

Published 07.23.2009

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Polymer Engineering
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C. Hank WhiteC. Hank White, director of the Plastics Manufacturing Center at Pennsylvania College of Technology, recently accepted the 2009 Society of Plastics Engineers Gold Pinnacle Award on behalf of SPE's Rotational Molding Division.

SPE divisions are technical groups organized around a specific process or application in the plastics industry. The Rotational Molding Division promotes technology programs and education for the industry, as well as technical conferences and networking opportunities for its members. White recently became national chairman of the division.

Achievements cited for the award include the Annual Technical Conference, held this year in concert with the National Plastics Exposition in Chicago; ChinaPlast, a rotomolding conference held in China; and participation in the Fellow of the Society (SPE members who have demonstrated outstanding achievements in the field of plastics) and Honored Service Member (SPE members who have demonstrated longtime outstanding service and support to the society and its goals) programs.

The Pinnacle Award Program was established in 2005 to recognize sections and divisions that create and deliver member value during the year. Sections and divisions are reviewed in four achievement categories: organization, technical programming, membership and communication.

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