'Green Tip' Encourages Periodic Break From Purchases

Published 04.13.2009


This week's Green Tip from the Energy Conservation Subcommittee: Resist the urge to splurge; take a consumption "vacation." Consider taking a day or week off from making any new purchases (with the exception of food and health-care necessities). Remember that you not only are saving money, but you are reducing the waste created throughout the life cycle of each new product: the packaging, transportation and emissions necessary to get products from their original resource to manufacturer to consumer. This tip, part of Earth911's "8 Ways to Reduce Your Impact Today," is the latest in a cooperative venture of the subcommittee (part of Penn College's Governance system) and the School of Natural Resources Management's Horticulture Department. Contacts for the feature are Gail B. Landers, group leader at the Children's Learning Center and a subcommittee member, and Carl J. Bower Jr., horticulture instructor.