Wednesday's Campus Bloodmobile Shatters Goal

Published 08.28.2008


Well-attended Red Cross Bloodmobile held in Penn's Inn A Red Cross nurse prepares to draw blood from Westley A. Ormsbee, a graphic design major from Williamsport Each successful donor received a free T-shirt  as well as pizza, cookies and soda  after parting with a pintA life-saving total of 168 pints was collected during Wednesday's Bloodmobile at Penn's Inn, far topping the 120-pint goal set for the American Red Cross' first visit of the semester and ensuring that 504 area residents will benefit. Carl L. Shaner, Student Health Services director, said 193 people registered including 78 first-time donors. The Red Cross and Student Health Services thank all students, staff and faculty who participated as a donor or volunteer; special thanks to Food Services for providing pizzas. The next college Bloodmobiles will be Oct. 2 at the Schneebeli Earth Science Center and Oct. 22 on main campus. ( Photos by Jessica L. Tobias, student photographer)