Visiting Teens Experience College's 'degrees that work'

Published 08.08.2008


A girl tries her hand at cutting in the welding lab Visitors use forensic science to solve the 'Mystery at 123 Maple' Teens quickly gather outside the Madigan Library for a group shot, sandwiched between a cloudburst and lunch Participants learn how to make ice cream and sorbet with Chef Mike Ditchfield From Thursday to Saturday, Penn College hosted the 2008 C5 Conference, a group of approximately 40 teenagers and their chaperones from Boston. Students participated in a variety of activities on and off campus, including tours of the Schneebeli Earth Science Center and other college facilities, the Little League Baseball Complex, and the Community Arts Center. On main campus, the teens took part in a career assessment, visited with the Athletic Department, listened to a Student Life presentation, and participated in classroom and lab activities such as a murder mystery, iris-scanning and a welding workshop.