Retailer's Donation Spruces Up Village Apartment

Published 07.29.2008


Bedding among donated items Apartment bathroom takes on a well-appointed look A cozy living space An infusion of $1,700 worth of comforters, towels, organizers, kitchen gadgets even a shower radio have helped temporarily transform a campus apartment into an attractive,right-from-the-catalog living space, Bed, Bath & Beyond, which recently opened a store near the Lycoming Mall and bills itself as "your back-to-college experts," was the only retailer to accept an invitation to take part in an apartment makeover. Rick Surita, director of residence life, said the new look (in 1 Pine in The Village) will vanish with the fall semester, but the donated items might well turn up elsewhere on campus:He plans a raffle to distribute the goods to students after they arrive for the 2008-09 academic year. Surita added that other stores will be contacted nexttime in hopes ofdecorating an apartment in each of Penn College's complexes.