Two Faculty Members Appear on CAC Stage

Published 05.27.2008

Faculty & Staff

Faculty guitarists Eric Albert, left, and Paul Mach backstage at the Community Arts Center Two Penn College faculty members performed as part of Friday's "Rhys Chatham: 100 Guitars" concert at the Community Arts Center. Paul "Axeman" Mach (better known as Chef Paul, assistant professor of hospitality management/culinary arts), and Eric "Pickin' and Grinnin'" Albert (associate professor of machine tool technologies/automated manufacturing) played in the concert, sponsored by the Uptown Music Collective. "I don't usually cater to these types of events," Mach was heard to say, "but they needed some extra guitar players to fill out the group, so I joined in to help." "It was amazing the curtain opened and I saw the entire lower section was filled," Albert said. "It was certainly the largest audience I've ever played for." ( Photo by Albert's son, Jason, a Williamsport Area High School senior who also played)