Winner Announced for Fitness Center's 'BFit/BWell Challenge'

Published 05.05.2008

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Matthew P. Robinson, an HVAC technology major, lost 2.5 pounds of fat and attended eight events offered through Student Activities to accumulate the most points in the BFit/BWell Challenge run by the Fitness Center. For his efforts, Robinson received $25 gift cards to Wegmans, GNC and Dick's Sporting Goods; Cliff energy products and a Penn College back-sack. Runners-up, and the recipients of a Penn College water bottle and Cliff energy products, were Chad Hoffer (second place), Michelle McNett and Shanee Robinson (tied for third place).

The Challenge, which ran from Feb.4 to May 2, encouraged participants to not only improve their physical fitness (body-fat percentage and blood pressure), but also improve their "wellness," by attending events offered through Athletics, Student Activities, the Gallery in the Madigan Library and Student Health Services.

"Wellness includes not only optimal physical health, but also emotional, intellectual, spiritual, environmental, interpersonal, and social health and vitality. By attending the various events offered on campus, participants could positively affect their overall wellness, " explained Kristi Hammaker, health and fitness specialist, and Challenge director. "Matt attended the Challenge Kickoff Presentation, a Student Government Association meeting, an SGA budget workshop, Campus Crusade for Christ meeting, a poker tournament, rock climbing at Dynamats, a showing at the Gallery, and a debate offered through Student Activities. He did all of this, while losing 2.5 pounds of fat through exercise and proper nutrition "¦ and while working to maintain his 4.0 (grade-point average). He should be very proud of his accomplishments!"