Staff/Faculty Basketball Team Scores Overtime Win

Published 01.25.2008


Staff/faculty exults in victoryalt="stafffaculty exults in victory" class="float-right p-1" src="//" align=left > Count it! Dribbling through defenders Keen competition marks OT thriller Being down three players didn't affect the student team, but, in the end, the staff/faculty team pulled out a thrilling 72-69 win in Thursday's Staff/Faculty vs. Students basketball game in Bardo Gym. According to a postgame report from Jeremy R. Bottorf, intramural/Fitness Center assistant, Steve Park led the student team with 20 points and Anthony Sofraneck paced the staff/faculty with 17. Also scoring in double figures for the employee team were Gallahad Mallery (12), Alison Tagliaferri (14), and Jim Williams Jr. (15). Kulu Momo scored 16 points for the student team and Brian Kleman scored 11. The game was back and forth for four periods and overtime was needed for the staff/faculty team to pull out the win, Bottorf said. Coach Katie Greene said the game was exhausting and she was thrilled to pull out the victory over the students. Sofraneck was named the game's Most Valuable Player. ( Photos by Stephanie A. Shutter, student photographer, and Bottorf)