Winners Announced in Successful Energy-Use Contest

Published 11.12.2007


Bambi A. Hawkins and daughter Caroline Thomas J. Anderson The Energy Conservation Subcommittee of the Facilities Governance Committee conducted a very successful contest about smart energy use. A total of 112 faculty, staff and students replied, and the award committee delivered prizes to the top two contestants Wednesday. Bambi A. Hawkins, learning lab coordinator of the paramedic program, won first prize with nine correct answers. She selected the French Bronzed Accent Lamp for her prize. Thomas J. Anderson, web server administrator for WedNet, won second prize with eight correct. He chose the VisionPro 8000 Touchscreen Thermostat. The subcommittee selected the next seven winners withseven correct quiz answers: Students Jessica Fischer, plastics and polymer technology; Matthew Kinneman, Tyler Moyer and Cody Prye, HVAC; and Christopher Rosa, information technology: security specialist; Eric K. Albert, associate professor of machine tool technology/automated manufacturing; and Joshua D. Young, virtual resource manager at the Madigan Library. Winners shouldgo to Room 222 of the library to randomly draw their prizes. Remaining prizes include appliance timers, a caulk gun and caulk, insulating foam sealant, a six-pack of 60-watt compact fluorescent bulbs and four-packs of 60-watt compact fluorescent bulbs. Each winner also receives an energy bar. Prizes were donated by Lowe's and Penn College Food Services. The answers are underlined on this version of the quiz: