Plastics Manufacturing Center to Support Drywall System Design

Published 11.05.2007

Workforce Development

The Plastics Manufacturing Center at Pennsylvania College of Technology has received a contract to help Thomas Howard Associates, Schwenksville, develop a new product for basement finishing.

The client proposes a wall system that would provide simple "snap-tight" drywall installation, allowing individual panels to be easily removed and replaced in the event of water damage to insulation behind the drywall.

The company's idea encompasses producing a top and base profile to line the ceiling and floor with stabilizing vertical profiles to hold standard drywall sheets.

Using Thomas Howard Associates' initial prototype, the PMC will oversee product design and project management (including technical assistance in material identification), contract the design and building of seven profile dies, and oversee the extrusion trials for the profiles.

The $31,500 contract is funded by Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern Pennsylvania and Thomas Howard Associates.

The PMC, part of Workforce Development & Continuing Education at Penn College, is one of the top plastics technology centers in the country, providing support to the plastics industry through product and process development, materials research, and workforce development and training.

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