Trapped 'Nuisance Bear' Brought to ESC En Route to Relocation

Published 03.22.2007


Culvert trap spells out its cargo Students snap cellphone pictures of 'nuisance' visitor A closer look at the tranquilized bear Examining the bear's teeth and health The Wildlife Management class of Donald Nibert, senior faculty member in the forestry department, was visited Wednesday afternoon by two Pennsylvania Game Commission personnel transporting a 300-pound black bear that recently was trapped near Warrensville. State Game Commission Wildlife Conservation Officer Chris Krebs and Information and Education Supervisor Rick Macklem brought the bear to Penn College's Schneebeli Earth Science Center to show students how they tranquilize, then examine a bear. The bear, determined by officers to be in excellent condition, had to be transported out of the area because it had killed goats belonging to a local farmer. The bear had been tagged for a prior incursion into a populated area, and will be taken at least two hours north to be relocated. Photos by Misty Kennard-Mayer, matriculation and retention coordinator, School of Natural Resources Management; and Nibert