'Leave Request' Functionality Added to EIS

Published 03.12.2007

Faculty & Staff

Full-time and regular part-time employees now can use the "View My Vacation, Sick, Personal Leave" option to submit new Leave Requests.

On the Leave Summary page, click on the button labeled "Request Leave" to view all of your current requests or to add a request. The EIS Leave Request page is a simplified version of the existing AS/400 menu option that it replaces, showing just the most common types of leave unless the "Show all Leave Types" button is clicked.

Drop-down boxes for all required information make submitting leave as easy as clicking a few buttons. Also, you no longer need to enter a negative number to cancel a request. Instead, simply click on the cancel icon (appears as a circle with a large X inside) to the left of the leave you'd like to cancel, then confirm the action.

Additionally, an option has been added that allows supervisors to approve Leave Requests using EIS. This option works similar to the AS/400 menu option that it replaces, displaying all outstanding Leave Requests awaiting approval. As with the AS/400 option, the EIS Leave Approval option allows the supervisor to approve, reject or bypass a request.

A new feature of the EIS version of Leave Approval is an alert that displays when another employee reporting to the supervisor has already been approved for leave on the same date.

If you are a full-time or regular part-time employee and do not have the "View My Vacation, Sick, Personal Leave" option on your EIS menu, or, if you are a supervisor and do not have the "Leave Approvals" option on your menu, please alert staff by sending an e-mail.

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