Madigan Library Video Wins International Award of Distinction

Published 03.01.2007


'Design,' a celebration of the functional beauty of the Madigan Library, is but one segment of the award-winning 'One for the Books' video about the facility.A video produced by staff from Pennsylvania College of Technology's offices of Instructional Technology& Distance Learning and College Information& Community Relations has been honored in The Communicator Awards 2006 Video competition.

"One for the Books: The Roger and Peggy Madigan Library" has received the Award of Distinction in the 13th annual international competition, which identifies projects that exceed a high standard of excellence and serve as benchmarks for the industry.

"We are honored to receive the Award of Distinction," said Jennifer McLean, director of instructional technology and distance learning. "'One for the Books' is a tribute to the institution, and The Communicator is a tribute to a team of professionals dedicated to reflecting the excellence of this institution." Produced last summer and featuring interviews with numerous college officials and staff, "One for the Books" documents the transformation of a longtime dream into the reality of the Roger and Peggy Madigan Library.

The video was written and edited by Tom Speicher, video production developer, with valuable video and graphic support from Christopher J. Leigh, video production coordinator; Christopher J. Legarski, instructional media developer; and James R. Dougherty, digital media developer.

Those interviewed for the video were Dan J. Doyle, professor emeritus of history; Benedict H. Dubbs, Murray Associates Architects, P.C.; Robert E. Dunham, chairman of the college's board of directors; then-state Rep. Brett O. Feese; Davie Jane Gilmour, college president; state Sen. Roger A. Madigan; William J. Martin, the college's senior vice president; Vincent J. Matteo, president/CEO, Williamsport/Lycoming Chamber of Commerce; Walt D. Nyman; the college's director of general services; Veronica M. Muzic, retired vice president for academic affairs/provost, now special assistant to the president of the college; Lisette N. Ormsbee, director of the Madigan Library; Patricia A. Scott, collection development librarian and archivist; and Andrew E. Spuler, college librarian from 1965-89.

Penn College's new library, named in honor of Sen. Madigan and his late wife, Peggy, opened for the Fall 2006 semester.

"One for the Books" can be viewed online .