Instructions Provided for Long-Range 'Busy' Searches in Outlook

Published 01.23.2007

Faculty & Staff

As with the college's previous e-mail system, Outlook allows employees to search for available meeting times on other employees' calendars. However, by default, Outlook displays only two months of a person's calendar information. If you would like others to be able to schedule a meeting further in the future than two months, do the following to change the number of months displayed in a busy search:

  1. While in Outlook, select Options from the Tools menu.
  2. When the Options window opens, click on the "Calendar Options" button (located on the Preferences tab).
  3. When the Calendar Options window opens, click on the "Free/Busy Options" button (located toward the bottom, under Advanced options).
  4. On the Free/Busy Options window, you can enter the number of months that you want to publish free/busy information on the server. Six months is practical for most people.
  5. Click OK to accept the change and close the window.