Shipbuilder Comes Inland to Talk With Students

Published 01.19.2007

Welding & Metal Fabrication

Jim Clark, manager of training at Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, talks with welding students.On Dec. 12, Jim Clark, manager, training, of Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, paid a visit to Pennsylvania College of Technology's welding department to share with faculty and students some information about the shipyard, its products and procedures, and some opportunities for welding employment with the shipyard.

Clark stressed the importance of education and preparing for the future while in college and setting the pace now by attending classes and being punctual and reliable. These are all qualities that employers look for, he said.

Aker Philadelphia Shipyard is currently building 10 tanker ships in excess of 800 feet long. "A lot of welding takes place on these ships," Clark said.

Welding students heard about the operations of the shipyard and the opportunities for welders and fabricators within the process. Students were given the opportunity to ask questions about shipbuilding and employment in general in the shipyard.