Outreach Opportunities Mark College Presence at Farm Show

Published 01.10.2007


Jason Barrett, a paramedic student from Williamsport, shows participants how to orally intubate a patient with an endotracheal tube and the laryngoscope on the simulator manikin. Paramedic student Jeremy Welshans, of Williamsport, explains how a cardiac monitor is used to evaluate the cardiac rhythm in a patient. The Life Pack monitor can be used to provide a continuous strip graph of the electrical voltage in the heart and to treat cardiac arrhythmias. Elizabeth A. Shively, clinical director for the surgical technology program, watches two youngsters practice their appendectomy skillsRepresentatives of the Admissions and Alumni Relations offices, as well as faculty and students from Penn College's academic schools, are making their mark at the Pennsylvania Farm Show this week.

"It is a great public-awareness event for Penn College to participate in," said Christopher S. Rolley, admissions representative. "We had everyone from small children to older adults come by our booth and talk to us, as well as trying out some of the equipment that our School of Health Sciences brought with them."

Admissions representatives Elizabeth G. Verbos and Benjamin Z. Mayer noted heavy attendance during their stints, adding that college representatives spoke with a number of potential students and alumni aided in their efforts by larger displays and laptops on which attendees could request additional information.

Fred W. Becker, dean of hospitality, termed Monday a "great day, with a lot of positive exposure." Six students and three faculty members (Chefs Michael J. Ditchfield, Charles R. Niedermyer and Paul E. Mach) took part in demonstrations throughout the day, including the Culinary Connection program sponsored by the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission. Chef Paul's program was broadcast on the Pennsylvania Cable Network, which provides regular coverage of Farm Show happenings.
Photos provided by the Alumni Relations Office