'Visitation Day' Responses Affirm Value of First Impressions

Published 11.21.2006


After each Visitation Day, the Admissions Office surveys those who registered for the event. Results from the survey give the institution suggestions for enhancing future events. This year, the college was able to conduct the survey online, which expedited the processing of results.

Seventy-nine percent of the people attending Visitation Day were first-time visitors to the campus and, of them, 69 percent had not yet applied. After visiting our campuses on Oct. 29, 90 percent of those respondents said they would apply.

According to the survey, the primary impetus for attending Visitation Day (51 percent) was to obtain information about academic majors. Faculty interaction was the second most influential reason.

The most popular activities in which attendees participated:

  • Meeting with faculty/staff/students 70 percent
  • General information sessions 65 percent
  • Housing sessions 50 percent
  • Campus tours with student ambassador 47 percent

The data show how important everyone is in the recruitment of students to Penn College. No one person or office can do it alone. For all those who participated, the Admissions Office says, "Thank you."