Flag Football Team Beats Lyco in Dramatic Fashion

Published 11.07.2006


The Penn College flag football team rallied from four points down with five seconds left to stun its Lycoming College opponents, 19-17, on Monday night. According to a recap from Jeremy Bottorf, intramural/Fitness Center assistant, scoring began when Craig Flint hooked up with Anthony Flint for a touchdown. The attempt for the extra point was intercepted and Lycoming closed the gap to 6-3. Craig Flint found Dan Pennypacker to make it 12-3, then connected with him on the extra-point attempt for a 13-3 ballgame. Lycoming continued to scrap its way back, scoring a touchdown and extra point to bring the tally to 13-10. Penn College then went four and out; Lycoming took control of the ball on the Penn College 20-yard line and scored. The extra point was good, giving Lycoming a 17-13 lead with 1:30 left in the game. Penn College was not going to roll over, Bottorf said, driving the field as Craig Flint connected on numerous short passes, taking his team to Lycoming's five-yard line with five seconds to go. After a Penn College timeout, Craig Flint ran the ball into the end zone and, as the quarter ended, so did Lycoming's comeback hopes.