Staff/Faculty Softball Team Defeats Students, 12-10

Published 05.01.2006


The staff/faculty team defeated the student team 12-10 in campus softball action Friday evening.

The student team started quickly by scoringthree runs in the top of the first inning; the staff/faculty team struck right back by scoringfour in the bottom of the first. Staff/faculty scored once in the second inning and pulled away by scoring five more runs in the bottom of the third to make the score 10-3.

The student team tried to come back in the sixth, but could not score enough runs. Nate Weiser (student team) was 3-for-3 with a single, double, home run and 5 RBIs. Four other players hadtwo hits apiece.

The staff/faculty team had seven players with two hits each. Eric Ranck had two hits andfour RBIs. Congratulations to the staff/faculty team: Marc Miller, Joe Miller, Ranck, Andrew Klinger, Katie Greene, Mike Hersh, Bryan Waltz, Judy Phillips, Jeremy Bottorf, Rick Wyland, David Wyland and Andrew Gutkowski.

The student team was comprised of Jim Riedel, Aaron Moyer, John Lipko, Tim Senavaitis, Nate Weiser, Matt Weiser, Jared Hoover, Pete Rogan, Patrice Campbell, Amanda LeClair, Ann Marie Prosser and Angela Valentine.