Advice to May Graduates Among Latest ITS Announcements

Published 05.01.2006


Information Technology Services issues announcements, reminders for May.Dates to Remember AS/400 Downtimes Routine maintenance: May 7, from 7-9:30 a.m.

Housekeeping Reminders Students and Employees:Turn your empty printer cartridges into scholarship money for Penn College students. See the Mail&Document Services Web site for details about drop-off locations and the brands of cartridgesaccepted.

May Graduates:Your network account, home (H) drive space and e-mail account will be maintained for six months from graduation. After that time, your accounts will be deleted. In the coming months, be sure to transfer valuable documents, e-mail and contact information to an alternate location.

Faculty:The AS/400 is unavailable during the daily backup process, which takes place from 2:15-5:30 a.m. Please remember this schedule as you prepare to post grades.

Faculty: Please remove any unnecessary files from the R & S drives before leaving for the summer. This will prevent students from experiencing problems while trying to submit assignments next summer.

Previous months' remindersare archived here.