Employees, Add Your Support to Madigan Library Campaign

Published 03.13.2006

Faculty & Staff

Mark D. NoeMore and more Penn College employees are adding their support to the Madigan Library Campaign. One of them is Dr. Mark D. Noe, professor of English. "Libraries have always been a place of escape for me. In a traditional way, of course, the very act of reading transports me to other places and times and situations. On campuses, though, libraries can also be a great place to hide... I can escape the office to read or browse or just kick back and think. This sense of retreat has long been reason enough for me to direct some of my hard-earned dollars toward libraries. Now, in the case of Penn College's new library, I have yet another incentive. My friend, officemate and mentor, Jim Logue, also believed in supporting libraries. Donating in his name will, I hope, help to ensure that a highly visible part of the new Madigan Library will be the James E. Logue Reading Room." For more information on how you can add your support to the Madigan Library Campaign, call the Institutional Advancement Office at ext. 7316 or (570) 320-8000; send e-mail or visit online.