Employees, Add Your Support to Madigan Library Campaign

Published 02.02.2006

Faculty & Staff

Diana L. KuhnsMore and more Penn College employees are adding their support to the Madigan Library Campaign. One of them is Diana L. Kuhns, assistant professor of mathematics. "As a young person, I spent countless hours in libraries, feeding my passion for reading," Kuhns said. "As a student, I was often tucked away in the corner of a library searching for sources and writing countless papers. Always a librarian was close at hand, willingly assisting me. Just as libraries and librarians have enriched my life over the years, the Madigan Library most certainly will enrich the lives of our students, faculty, staff and community." For more information on how you can add your support to the Madigan Library Campaign, call the Institutional Advancement Office at ext. 7316 or (570) 320-8000; send e-mailor visit online.