Off-Campus Block Party to Be Held Sept. 7

Published 09.06.2005

Student News

An Off-Campus Block Party will be held from 3-7 p.m. Wednesday in the 1000 block of Vine Avenue.

According to the Student Affairs Office, thepurpose of the Block Party is to provide a positive first impression of Williamsport for Pennsylvania College of Technology's off-campus students − and to help those students understand they are members of a community beyond the college.

The band Emily's ToyBox will play three sets during the evening. Students can participate in a "Bungee Run," in which participants see how far they can travel down a padded runway with a bungee cord strapped to their back; and a "Bead Art" table will be available for anyone wishing to craft their own bead jewelry or other items.

In addition to the entertainment and novelties, a number of campus offices and community agencies and organizations will provide information about drug and alcohol abuse, fire safety, personal protection and students' civic responsibilities:

  • Athletics
  • Counseling, Career and Disability Services
  • Penn College Police
  • Student Activities
  • Student Health Services
  • DUI Sobriety Checkpoint trailer
  • Pennsylvania Comprehensive Highway Safety Program
  • West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission
  • The City of Williamsport
  • Williamsport Bureau of Codes
  • Williamsport Bureau of Fire
  • Williamsport Bureau of Police
  • Williamsport YWCA

Food and beverages will be provided by Food Services.

The Block Party is being sponsored by the West Branch Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission and by the Student Activities Office.