New Spam-Filtering System Debuts

Published 08.31.2005


Information Technology Services recently purchased a new spam-filtering system for the employee e-mail system. After going through several months of testing and fine tuning, the system is ready for campuswide implementation.

Beginning Thursday, Sept. 1, e-mail that the system identifies as possible spam no longer will be delivered to employee inboxes. Instead, it will be moved to a quarantine location.

If any of your incoming e-mail has been quarantined, you will be notified daily via an automatic e-mail from the quarantine server. This e-mail will contain a list of messages that are currently in your quarantine area. While some of those messages could be legitimate, the majority will not be.

To help you identify whether a message is legitimate, the subject line and sender's e-mail address are given. For each message, links are provided that allow you to delete the message or to release it to your inbox.

If you click "Release," you will be given the option to add the sender to your "Trusted Sender" list. Messages from trusted senders always will be delivered to your GroupWise inbox. Alternately, if you delete a message, you will be given the option to add the sender to your "Blocked Sender" list.

Quarantined messages that are not deleted or released within 30 days are automatically purged from the system.

Please note that, while spam-filtering technology is continually improving, it remains imperfect. As quickly as the industry is working to identify the markers of today's spam, tomorrow's spammers are looking for ways around the filters. Therefore, spam may occasionally slip through. Questions or concerns about the spam-filtering system can be directed to the ITS Help Desk at ext. 7329 or by e-mail.