Instructional DVDs to Enhance Nursing Classes

Published 08.29.2005


IV therapy is among the topics covered on an instructional DVD developed for Penn College nursing students.The Digital Media team recently completed a series of instructional DVDs for nursing faculty members Jane J. Benedict, Michelle A. Latshaw, Dorothy M. Mathers and Janet McMahon.

The DVDs feature detailed, hands-on demonstrations of many of the techniques and procedures covered in Foundations of Nursing (NUR180), Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing II (NUR219) and Adult Medical-Surgical Nursing III (NUR226).

In addition to extensive video coverage, the DVDs also include extensive text-based supplemental materials designed to augment in-class lectures and principles. Nursing students can purchase the DVDs in The College Store.

If you're a faculty member andwould like to view the nursing DVDs, or if you'd like more information regarding how this technology could be used to enhance your classes, contact James R. Dougherty at ext. 7779 or by e-mail.