Guidelines to Enhance Your Enjoyment of PCToday

Published 08.22.2005


PCToday is the online source for Penn College news and information. As we begin a new academic year, please keep in mind a few guidelines that will enable the site to better serve your needs.

EmployeesSubmit items to be considered for PCToday by clicking on the "Share Your News" link, located under the "Services" heading on the left side of PCToday's front page. Enter your name, contact information and text before clicking on "Send Article." You may also send a directe-mail , making sure to include your contact information. Please notify your supervisor before submitting any news items for consideration.

Please do not send such requests directly to individual staff members in College Information and Community Relations. The PCToday e-mail address is monitored by multiple staff, thereby ensuring your request will be processed quickly and efficiently.

Students and Student OrganizationsContact the Student Activities Office for authorization to have your items posted; Student Activities will submit approved items to PCToday.

Send your questions or comments by e-mail.