Students Encouraged to Pick Up Guidebooks at CC

Published 08.21.2005


Student Planner and Guidebook available in Bush Campus Center.Students are encouraged to stop by the Campus Center Information Desk to pick up their Student Planner and Guidebook. In addition to being a great way for students to stay organized, it's a valuable source of general information about college offices and services.

Information sections include:

  • Quick Reference − includes an Officeand Department Listing that provides location and contact information
  • Campus Lifeand Extracurricular Opportunities − briefly covers everything from student ID cards and public bus service to athletics and student health
  • Academic Issues and Support − touches on academic issues such as scheduling, advisers, support services and academic probation
  • Police and Safety Information − provides an introduction to the Penn College Police as well as information about safety and security on campus

The guidebook no longer will be distributed to staff and faculty; content is available online .

For those who are familiar with previous editions of the guidebook, policy and compliance statements no longer are included in the publication. This removed content is available on the Student Rights and Responsibilities Web site .

Please note that this site does NOT include all student-related college policy. Faculty/staff should continue to consult F:PublicDOCS for official policy and procedure.