ITS Implementing Space Limits on Employee E-Mail Accounts

Published 05.06.2005

Faculty & Staff

Size of mailbox indicated in GroupWise window Information Technology Services is implementing GroupWise space limits on all employee e-mail accounts. Initially, all accounts have been set up with a large 4000MB limit. During this time, ITS asks that you begin a cleanup of your e-mail account.

To reduce the size of your mailbox, delete unnecessary items, paying close attention to your Sent Items and Trash folders. These areas take up a substantial amount of space, especially when they include file attachments.

On Aug. 1, ITS will set the final limit on your e-mail account to 500MB. (On average, employee accounts remain below 200 MB.)

If your account reaches the 500MB limit, you will be restricted from sending e-mail until you have adequately reduced your mailbox size. You will not be restricted from receiving e-mail during the send restriction.

More detail available by clicking on 'Mailbox Size'The new size restriction allowsITS to eliminate the nightly purge of all GroupWise items over 400 days old. You now can keep your e-mail, tasks and other items for an indefinite length of time.

The size of your mailbox is displayed at the bottom of your GroupWise window.

You can get more detail (such as the size of your Trash and Sent Items folders) by clicking on the words Mailbox Size.

Mailbox size statistics are not availablein the Macintosh version of GroupWise. Macintosh users who wish to see the size of their mailboxes can do so bylogging in tothe GroupWise application on any Windows-based computer.

For more information, contact the ITS Help Desk at ext. 7329 or by e-mail .