Faculty/Staff Honored for Participation in Residence-Life Programming

Published 05.04.2005

Faculty & Staff

Carl L. Shaner, 'Staff Presenter of the Year%3B' and Suzann L. Major, 'Faculty Presenter of the Year.' (Photos by Jennifer A. Cline, news bureau writer%2Feditor)A reception was held in the Professional Development Center on Tuesday to honor faculty and staff who participated in Residence Life programming this year.

A total of 48 faculty and staff members volunteered their time this past year to share a piece of themselves with students, according to Timothy J. Mallery, director of residence life. Ways in which faculty/staff got involved include sharing a hobby with students, sharing professional expertise and/or life experience, greeting students and helping them move in at the beginning of the year, and joining students for a social activity, dinner or a trip.

Others assisted in the Residence Life programming effort by training Resident Assistant staff or coordinating the setup of a Residence Life program.

All of the faculty/staff presented or participated in programs in one of three areas: the First Year Experience Housing Program, Business and Computer Technologies and Health Science Academic Theme Housing, and general Residence Life programs.

Sue Major, assistant professor in the School of Hospitality, was named "Faculty Presenter of the Year" for her dedicated involvement with Residence Life programming. She presentedeight programs this past year including "Tasty Salads and Dressings;" "Sex, Love and Relationships;" "Fun with Chocolate;" "Valentine Chocolates and Cookie Decorating;" "Iron Chef Competition" and "First-Year Move-In" and also served as a First Year Experience Housing mentor.

Carl Shaner, Student Health Center director, received the honor of "Staff Presenter of the Year" for his large contribution to Residence Life programming over the course of the year in the area of health and wellness programming.

Shaner presented an impressive 13 programs this year in the college's residence halls, including "Blood Pressure Check Day;" "CPR/First Aid Certification;" "Sexual Awareness;" "How Does Health Services Help You?"; "Welcome to the Party Scene;" "What is There to Eat Around Here?"; "Can you Juggle?"; "Rav'n in Style;" "Dorm Room First Aid;" "The Man Show;" "Sex and Pizza;" "Absolute Alcohol" and "Sexual Health."

Among those joining Mallery in honoring faculty/staff were Jill Landesberg-Boyle, vice president for student affairs; and Veronica M. Muzic, vice president for academic affairs/provost.

First Year Experience presenters, from left, are Dennis L. Correll, Shelley L. Moore, Dex D. Tuttle, Patrice M. Friant, Kimberly R. Henry, Carolyn Strickland, Paul E. Mach and Suzann L. Major Residence Life program presenters are, from left, Thomas W. Cordell, Rachel S. Hoover, Walter D. Nyman, Thomas E. Ask, Marc E. Bridgens, Norman L. Hager, Jennifer J. Bowers and Kristi L. Hammaker Academic Theme Housing honorees, from left, are Fletcher W. Farr, Carl L. Shaner, Denise S. Leete, Patricia M. Scheib and John J. Messer