Scheduling Tool Takes on New Look

Published 03.14.2005


Anew look to the "Search Course Offerings" option at the Registrar's Office Web site and Student Information System allows students/staff to search course offerings by elective area, view the course description of a class and locate the building/room where the class is offered.

Students now can search the course offerings for a semester by a specific elective requirement needed in their major instead of searching each possible elective course individually.

A student now can view more information about a course offering by clicking on the name of the class to view the course description. The course description will explain what the course is about and list the prerequisites and corequisites need to take the class.

If a student is unsure on where a class is being held, he or she can click on the building/room where the class is scheduled to meet and a campus map will pop up. The campus map will show the building location of where the class is to meet.

The view/search offerings option allows students to have the most up-to-date information about course offerings for a particular semester.