Practical Pointers Aid in Navigation of PCToday

Published 09.29.2004


As PCToday visitors become more accustomed to the Web site's new format, the Office of College Information and Community Relations shares these observations to benefit readers and contributors alike:

The bottom of the "Front Page" doesn't mean an end to front-page news To cut down on scrolling, only 15 items are posted per screen. Follow the "More Headlines" link to access additional current news on ensuing pages.

Still can't find what you're looking for? Turn to PCToday's archives.

Calendar provides extra spotlight BecausePCToday is updated throughout each day, the "lead" story is ever-changing. Where appropriate, contributors are encouraged to have their events placed on PCToday's calendar page(s), where they will attract additional attention. That will ensure that PCToday's audience will get a timely, same-day reminder of a campus happening, even if the preview article is not the most recent or "lead" story in PCToday.