Employees, Periodically Prune Your E-Mail Folders

Published 09.13.2004

Faculty & Staff

Employee inboxes fill up fast as the semester progresses. To keep the e-mail servers happy and your mailboxes organized, many of you routinely review your received messages, deleting anything you no longer need.

ITS offers valuable advice via regular 'Tech Tips'While that's a great space-saving habit to get into, we encourage you to go one step further: Delete unnecessary e-mails from your Sent Items and Trash folders regularly. Left unchecked, these folders can absorb an excessive amount of network file space.

If the messages in your Sent Items and Trash folders contain file attachments, the impact is even greater. While a typical e-mail may use only 4 KB in storage space, it's common for e-mails with attachments to require more than 40 KB. A recent log of employee Sent Items folders recorded a single e-mail that was using 245,000 KB of space!

This file-space issue also is impacted by those who use theirMailbox and Cabinet folders as long-term storage for e-mail attachments they've received from others. Rather than storing them in your mailbox, save the file attachments to your H: drive or other location outside of GroupWise, and then delete the e-mail.

A little bit of time spent reviewing and deleting unneeded e-mail can save a lot of space and, ultimately, make GroupWise more responsive.

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