College, PCEA Agree on Two-Year Contract Extension

Published 02.19.2004

Faculty & Staff

Pennsylvania College of Technology and the Penn College Education Association have agreed to extend their current labor contract through 2006-07.

The Penn College Board of Directors approved the extension the second one enacted for an agreement that initially was approved in August 2000. A previous extension was ratified in February 2002. The PCEA includes full-time teaching faculty, librarians and counselors employed by Penn College. The association unanimously ratified the latest extension on Jan. 8.

The extension agreement calls for annual salary increases of 4 percent in 2005-06 and 4.5 percent in 2006-07. The extension also calls for the part-time and overload teaching rates to increase in 2005-06. The credit-hour rate will increase from $800 to $830; the contact-hour rate will increase from $533 to $553.

Continued health-insurance coverage currently is provided for eligible retirees with 30 years of College service. This service requirement will be reduced to 25 years beginning in 2006-07. Faculty members also will begin sharing the increased annual cost of health insurance that exceeds the annual wage-increase percentage in 2006-07.

"The positive relationship that the College and PCEA have maintained throughout this process has enabled us to reach agreement on this extension in timely fashion," said Penn College Board of Directors Chairman Dr. Robert E. Dunham. "By achieving this goal through informal discussions instead of full negotiations, we averted an extended and costly process. Most importantly, the agreement allows faculty and the administration to devote full attention to the College's main mission: educating students and preparing them for meaningful careers."

Penn College President Dr. Davie Jane Gilmour also praised the contract agreement.

"The extension balances the need to attract and retain highly qualified faculty while maintaining excellent and affordable educational opportunities for all that may benefit," Dr. Gilmour said.

"The Penn College Education Association is pleased to be able to enter into a contract extension with Pennsylvania College of Technology," added PCEA President James E. Temple. "We believe it is good for all involved. This extension will enable both the College and the members of the association to plan for the next three years and provide a stable environment that can only be good for our students. We appreciate the effort put forth by President Gilmour and the Board of Directors that culminated with this agreement."