Penn College Announces Dean's List for Fall 2003

Published 12.20.2003

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The Fall 2003 dean's list has been announced at Penn College:

Dustin R. Adams,
Electrical Occupations, Mayport
Robin R. Agnone, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Montoursville
Hussain S. Al Musa, Paramedic Technology, Williamsport
Ryan K. Allar, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Donaldson
Thomas W. Allegrucci, Business Management, Montoursville
Atta M. Anazet, Construction Carpentry, New York N.Y.
William P. Anderson, Construction Management, Hershey
Jon M. Andrews, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Middlebury Center
Michael M. Appleby, Forest Technology, Lawrenceville
Shawn M. Applegarth, Automotive Technology, Lancaster
Jeffrey N. Armstrong, Pre-Applied Health Studies, Montoursville
Margaret Arp, Business Administration, Montoursville
Kimberly A. Asbury, Baking and Pastry Arts, Port Matilda
Floyd M. Askey, Plumbing, West Milton
Mark A. Atwater, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Warren
Nicholas K. Aulick, Biology, Williamsport
Brady S. Bachman, Construction Carpentry, Kreamer
Michael Badger, Technical and Professional Communication, Mifflinburg
Chelsea L. Bagley, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Milesburg
Timothy A. Bahr, General Studies, Dushore
Debra A. Baier, Technology Management, Jersey Shore
Melissa A. Baier, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Montoursville
Timothy C. Bailey, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Glen Arm, Md.
Jonathan R. Bair, Construction Carpentry, Cogan Station
David C Baker, Business Management, Williamsport
Michael S. Baker, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Mill Hall
James Balay Jr., HVAC Technology, Hazleton
Aaron J. Balch, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, West Chester
Jared M. Bales, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lansford
Kevin A. Balthaser, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Bethel
Brett H. Baney, Culinary Arts Technology, Bellefonte
Allen M. Barclay, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Kristian N. Barger, Civil Engineering Technology, Lock Haven
Steven R. Barley, Building Construction Technology, Red Lion
Curtis R. Barner, Electronics Technology, Mill Hall
Brett A. Barratt, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Long Valley, N.J.
David R. Barsis, Management Information Systems Concentration, New Columbia
Matthew J. Bartley, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Bellefonte
Jonathan W. Basiago, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Summit Hill
Andrew R. Baughman, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Chambersburg
Scott M. Beach, Building Construction Technology, Titusville
Jennifer L. Beam, Pre-Practical Nursing, Trout Run
Marc H. Bear, Automotive Technology Management, Broomall
Melinda K. Beardsley, Pre-Nursing, New Columbia
David W. Beauseigneur, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Andrew G. Beck, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lake Ariel
Matthew R. Beck, Hospitality Management, Waymart
Andrew D. Becker, Business Management, Muncy
Lisa A. Beehler, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Williamsport
Christopher R. Beeman, Diesel Technician, Pine Grove
Andrew R. Bell, Architectural Technology, Williamsport
Brian T. Bell, CAT Emphasis, Jeannette
Tiffany M. Bell, Architectural Technology, Lewistown
Jeremy L. Benjamin, Technology Management, Wysox
Robbie M. Benner, Electronics Engineering Technology, Landisville
Daniel R. Bennett, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Crofton, Md.
Richard W. Bennett, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Montandon
Ryan A. Benny, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Burnham
Shaun R. Bentz, Civil Engineering Technology, Pottstown
Kirk T. Beres, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Osceola Mills
John N. Bereznak, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Drums
Christopher J. Bergman, Masonry Emphasis, Lansdale
Kristina S. Bernier, Building Construction Technology, Linden
Joseph R. Berry, Automotive Service Technician, Beech Creek
William E. Berry, Programming and Database Processing, Lock Haven
William L. Berry Jr., Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Harleysville
Justin E. Betzer, Construction Carpentry, Muncy
April J. Bevans, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Bloomsburg
Seth A. Beveridge, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Hawk Run
Cory L. Beverlin, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Mifflin
Nicholas D. Biddle, Graphic Design, Roaring Spring
Otto C. Biehn, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Lincoln University
Candace A. Bierly, Physical Fitness Specialist, South Williamsport
Daniel M. Bilger, Collision Repair Technology, Selinsgrove
Glen K. Billett, Electrical Technology, Julian
Seth H Bird, Electronics Engineering Technology, Canton
Brian L. Bitner, HVAC Technology, Greencastle
Ryan M. Black, Automotive Technology Management, Chambersburg
Mable A. Blair, Building Construction Technology, Williamsport
Michael J. Blakeslee, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Harrisburg
Mark A. Blanchard, Graphic Communications Management, Watsontown
Richard A. Blase, Mass Media Communication, Williamsport
Casey W. Bliss, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Clarendon
Charity C. Bliss, Advertising Art, Trout Run
John T. Bloomer, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, South Williamsport
Terry N. Bly Jr, Welding Technology, Milton
Kristina M. Bobb, Physical Fitness Specialist, Muncy Valley
Heidi A. Bonner, Nursing, Avis
Samuel J. Borneman, Technology Management, East Greenville
Jessica R. Bossinger, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Mifflintown
Jessica M. Bower, Collision Repair Technology, Biglerville
Melanie D. Bower, Nursing, Williamsport
Julie L. Bowers, Electronics Technology, Martinsburg
Tracy A. Bowersox, Physical Fitness Specialist, Selinsgrove
John W. Bowman, Networking and Technical Support, Millheim
Raquel A. Bowman, Advertising Art, Jersey Shore
William E. Brady, Banking and Finance Concentration, Clearfield
Isaac R. Bragunier, Civil Engineering Technology, Middletown
Daniel J. Brant, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Somerset
John P. Brdaric, Civil Engineering Technology, Wyoming
James W. Breon, Technology Management, Howard
Megan L. Bressler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Selinsgrove
Christian D. Bridenbaugh, Electrical Technology, Martinsburg
Eric E. Briel, Individual Studies, Jersey Shore
Jacob W. Brink, Toolmaking Technology, Le Raysville
Matthew R. Brinker, Automotive Technology Management, Johnstown
Jared J. Brokenshire, Automotive Technology, Catawissa
Ruth M. Brought, Technology Management, Mansfield
Adam D. Brower, CAT Emphasis, Taneytown, Md.
Adam R. Brown, General Studies, Dushore
Chase N. Brown, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Karns City
Daniel Brown, Ford Asset, Ringtown
Darlene E. Brown, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Danville
Melissa R. Brown, Pre-Nursing, Avis
Tina L. Brownson, Business Management, Howard
Tara S. Brubaker, Baking and Pastry Arts, Altoona
Cindy A. Bruce, Occupational Therapy Assistant, Selinsgrove
Darren M. Brungart, Construction Carpentry, Spring Mills
Cristina L. Brush, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Eugene T. Brush, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Keara E. Brussell, Baking and Pastry Arts, Damascus
Andrew J. Bubb, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Huntingdon Valley
William E. Buckner, Physician Assistant, Elizabethtown
Jason M. Bull, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Red Lion
Shane M. Bull, Civil Engineering Technology, Canton
Nathanael W. Burkholder, Diesel Technology, Annville
Teresa S. Burrill, Dental Hygiene, Cogan Station
Brian J. Buss, Aviation Maintenance Technology, York
Iris A. Butler, General Studies, Morris
Laura A. Butler, Construction Management, Tafton
Amanda L. Button, HVAC Technology, Mountaintop
David A. Byers, Business Management, Milton
Ryan M. Byers, Graphic Design, Milton
Amanda S. Caldwell, General Studies, Williamsport
Kelly L. Campbell, General Studies, Montoursville
Kristin A. Campbell, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Leesport
Frank W. Cannon, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Jersey Shore
Amy L. Caplinger, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Dover
William Caprio, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport
Richard N. Caputo, Graphic Design, Hazleton
Joseph A. Carras, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Jersey City, N.J.
Daniel K. Cassidy Jr., Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Williamsport
John D. Catanese II, Electrical Occupations, Huntingdon
Joyceann Cavaliere, Networking and Technical Support, Nazareth
Erik L. Cawley, Building Automation Technology, New Columbia
Brittany L. Cellini, Health Information Technology, Montoursville
Louise A. Cerkvenik, Automotive Technology Management, Langhorne
Rodney L. Chaplain, Diesel Technology, Howard
Bryan I. Charles, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Hughesville
Andrew J. Chesarek, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Renfrew
Tonya W. Chopick, Business Management, Jersey Shore
Matthew P. Chorley, Operator Emphasis, Tully,N.Y.
Brandi J. Chronister, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Julian
Stephen R. Chryn, Automotive Technology Management, Greenville NH
William B. Cianci, Masonry Emphasis, Waverly
Dona L. Cillo, Medical Emphasis, Montoursville
Angela M. Cimino, Hospitality Management, Mt. Carmel
Seneka L. Cisco, Accounting, Wellsboro
Jennifer L. Clark, Office Information Systems, Montgomery
Kerry W. Clausen, Networking and Technical Support, Lock Haven
Brent A. Clever, Construction Carpentry, Windsor
Carly R. Clouse, Pre-Nursing, State College
William J. Cohick, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Williamsport
Joshua D. Colbert, Diesel Technology, Mineral Point
Jacob B. Collis, Construction Management, Martinsburg, W.Va.
Christopher A. Comfort, Architectural Technology, Gillett
David A. Conklin, Automotive Technology, Erie
John A. Connelly, Building Automation Technology, Waldorf, Md.
Hien T. Connolly, Accounting, Cogan Station
Ashley M. Conrad, Individual Studies, South Williamsport
Matthew W. Cook, Automotive Technology Management, Newtown
Timothy E. Cooper, Technology Management, Pleasant Gap
Jessica L. Coover, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Osceola Mills
Benjamin W. Copenhaver, Building Construction Technology, Reinholds
Catherine G. Corman, Radiography, Mill Hall
David R. Cotner, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Muncy
Devin D. Courtney, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Mercer
Patrick W. Coyle, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Milton
Kelly N. Cramer, General Studies, Williamsport
Kevin Cramsey, Hospitality Management, Macungie
Miriam C. Crane, Nursing - Adv Place, Dushore
Sara M. Crawford, Welding Technology-Developmental, Eldred
Heather C. Cronrath, Management Concentration, Lewisburg
Eric J. Croston, Automotive Engineering Technology, Milford
Nicole E. Crouse, Graphic Design, York
Matthew J. Crowley, Masonry Emphasis, Clarks Summit
Brandon M. Crumb, Architectural Technology, Wellsboro
Clinton M. Cullison, Marketing Concentration, Harrisburg
Julie R. Custer, Baking and Pastry Arts, Annville
Rebecca E. Cutler, Networking and Technical Support, Coudersport
Jessica R. Cyphert, Advertising Art, Leeper
Crista L. Dailey, Technology Management, Muncy
Rachel E. Dalby, Pre-Physician Assistant, Arnold, Md.
Linda A. Dalykas, Dental Hygiene, Turbotville
Jeremy R. Daniel, Environmental Technology, Forksville
Scott A. Danowsky, Electrical Occupations, Lewisburg
Jennifer J. Dantonio, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, New Columbia
William H. Darling, Building Construction Technology, Moorestown,N.J.
Justin J. Daubert, Surveying Technology, Pine Grove
Katharine E. Daum, Office Information Systems, Mountville
Christopher A. Davis, Programming and Database Processing, New Oxford
Derek J. Davis, Electrical Occupations, Belleville
Gary M. Davis, Technology Management, Williamsport
Stephanie S. Davis, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Roaring Spring
Arthur L. Dawes III, Electromechanical Maintenance Technology, Lock Haven
Daniel P. Day, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Mahanoy City
Tacy L. De Green, Baking and Pastry Arts, Bloomsburg
Patricia L. De Leo, Management Concentration, Trout Run
Benjamin L. De Shong, Building Construction Technology, Annville
Brian M. Debo, Pre-Nursing, Selinsgrove
Kelly J. Decker, Pre-Practical Nursing, Williamsport
Mark J. Deibert, Programming and Database Processing, Williamsport
James E. Deitrick, Pre-Radiography, Turbotville
Benjamin R. Delp, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Schuylkill Haven
Julie A. Denchak, Graphic Design, Chatham, N.J.
June C. Deremer, Accounting, Williamsport
Amanda H. Derr, Mass Communications, Danville
Brandy L. Derr, Pre-Nursing, Ashland
Danielle N. Derrickson, Nursing, Montoursville
Neil P. Deskevich, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Johnstown
Jason S. Dibler, Electrical Technology, Leesport
Patricia E. Dieffenbach, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport
Danielle A. Diehl, Nursing-Developmental, Danville
Jeremy D. Dille, HVAC Technology, Industry
Jonathan A. Dinstel, Culinary Arts Technology, Kingston
Gloria J. Dodds, Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport
Kimberly A. Donahey, Culinary Arts Technology, Bellefonte
Christopher A. Doney, Ford Asset, Hawley
Heather S. Dorman, Physician Assistant, Picture Rocks
Jesse E. Dorn, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Royersford
Michael J. Dougher, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Jersey Shore
Amy R. Dougherty, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Jersey Shore
Cathy M. Dremel, Management Concentration, Hyner
Derik J. Dressler, Environmental Technology Management, McClure
Patrick J. Drew, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Lafayette NJ
Michael H. Dukeman, Physical Fitness Specialist, Moshannon
Amy B. Dunham, Pre-Nursing, Selinsgrove
Jason S. Dunn, HVAC Technology, Telford
Joshua T. Dunn, Electrical Occupations, Towanda
Mathew L. Durland, Diesel Technology, East Stroudsburg
Joseph A. Duskasky, Electric Power Generation Technology, Wapwallopen
Matthew J. Dvorshak, Automotive Technology, Catasauqua
Michael J. Dzimiera, Toolmaking Technology, Salisbury, Md.
Reyna M. Dziobecki, Small Business and Entrepreneurship Concentration, Lewisburg
Samuel D. Easter, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Herndon
Brian J. Eastman, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Lewisberry
Charlene F. Ebner, Applied Human Services, DuBoistown
Ryan L. Eckenrode, Graphic Communications Management, York
Chad W. Eckert, Forest Technology, Williamsport
John F. Eckert, Electrical Technology, Ridgway
Kyle W. Edwards, Toolmaking Technology, Gardners
Jesse D. Egan, Automotive Technology, Bay Village, Ohio
Candice R. Eggler, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Loganton
Courtney L. Eisenhofer, Architectural Technology, Leesport
Nathan J. Ekkens, Automotive Technology, Cheboygan, Mich.
Patricia A. Eldred, Accounting, Avis
Jonathan W. Elliott, Construction Management, State College
Sarah K. Elliott, Graphic Design, New Alexandria
Kenneth A. Ellis, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Rachel L. Emig, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Nicholas J. Ensig, HVAC Technology, Levittown
James N. Evanko, Electronics Engineering Technology, Mountaintop
Angela P. Evans, Pre-Occupational Therapy, Danville
Douglas R. Evans, Automotive Technology Management, Newtown Square
Hillary A. Evans, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Tionesta
Eric D. Eveland, Technician Emphasis, Montgomery
Crystal L. Evens, Graphic Design, Jersey Shore
Sharron J. Eyer, Baking and Pastry Arts, Danville
William C. Eyer, Automotive Technology Management, Millville
Yvonne M. Fagnano, Applied Health Studies, Linden
Corey E. Fait, Building Construction Technology, Selinsgrove
Nicholas R. Fantaske, Electronics Engineering Technology, State College
Heather M. Farnsworth, Architectural Technology, Penns Creek
Brian K. Farthing, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Williamsport
Thomas A. Fedor, Building Construction Technology, Whitehall
Samuel D Fenstermaker, Diesel Technology, Jersey Shore
Erin A. Ferrell, Early Childhood Education, Montgomery
Shawn K. Fetzer, Civil Engineering Technology, Hughesville
Kevin W. Fick, Technology Management, Northumberland
Fawn L. Ficks, Practical Nursing Emphasis, White Deer
Peter M. Fiorot, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Pen Argyl
Jeffrey W. Fischer, Architectural Technology, Williamsport
Kent D. Fish, Forest Technology, Montoursville
Barry B. Fisher, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Lehighton
Thomas A. Fisher, Collision Repair Technician, Lewistown
James B. Fithian, Welding Technology, Russell
Bryan P. Fitzgerald, Automotive Technology Management, State College
Kyle S. Flook, Construction Management, Camp Hill
Jerome M. Floyd, Accounting, Montoursville
Geoffrey L. Forney, Automotive Technology Management, Hickory
Thomas P. Fotos, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Mechanicsburg
Scott A. Franco, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Easton
Elizabeth A. Franzen, Management Concentration, Williamsport
Lewis S. Frederick, Toolmaking Technology, Ralston
Leslie A. Frey, Hospitality Management, Allenwood
Melissa M. Fry, Pre-Physician Assistant, South Williamsport
Sandra M. Fry, Accounting, Hughesville
John D. Fryer, Civil Engineering Technology, Lock Haven
Angel R. Fye, Accounting, Mill Hall
Natalie Gabinskiy, Physician Assistant, Lock Haven
Benjamin A. Gair IV, Accounting, South Williamsport
Mindy J. Gallagher, Accounting, Montoursville
Ryan E. Gallagher, Collision Repair Technology, Morrisville
Jonathan P. Gallo, Management Information Systems Concentration, Montoursville
Bradley S. Galloway, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, York
Thomas A. Gallup Jr., General Studies, Williamsport
Christopher S. Ganister, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lansdale
Korin A. Gardner, Graphic Design, Ridgway
Anthony A. Garritano, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Altoona
Kevin L. Gascho, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, East Earl
Kevin D. Gee, Programming and Database Processing, Lancaster
Linda S. Geise, Hospitality Management, Watsontown
Todd J. Geise, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Milton
Gregory J. Gerwitz, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Cuba, N.Y.
Sherry L. Getgen, Business Management, Jersey Shore
Daryl D. Geyer II, Networking and Technical Support, Mill Hall
Lacy L. Gilbert, Automotive Technology Management, Tower City
Samuel B. Glick, Electrical Occupations, Belleville
Roy D. Goad II, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Cogan Station
Matthew S. Gochnaur, Technical and Professional Communication, Montgomery
Yaroslava S. Gohrs, Management Concentration, Montoursville
Kristopher D. Good, Diesel Technology, Mountville
Michael L. Goodemote, Toolmaking Technology, Transfer
Shane E. Gottschall, Computer-Aided Product Design, South Williamsport
Pey F. Goy, Pre-Dental Hygiene (B.S.), Hackettstown, N.J.
Benjamin T. Grams, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Pennsburg
Mary F. Grantham, Culinary Arts Technology, Brookeville, Md.
Errol S. Gray, Programming and Database Processing, Danville
Jonathan M. Green, Automotive Technology Management, Maytown
Renee C. Gregoire, Business Management, Williamsport
Denise L. Gresh, Programming and Database Processing, Milton
Charles J. Griffis, Collision Repair Technology, Jersey Shore
Chad M. Groff, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Lewisburg
Jason C. Gross, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Dover
Sabrina J. Guffey, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, New Columbia
Nicole L. Guinane, Computer-Aided Product Design, Sayre
Rebecca M. Guiser, Business Management, Williamsport
Adam S. Gullotti, Masonry Emphasis, Glenside
Sherri L. Gunsallus, Nursing, Montoursville
Mary Ann Gustitus, Applied Human Services, South Williamsport
Cherie L. Guthrie, Pre-Physician Assistant, Muncy
Brett W. Gutshall, Automotive Technology Management, Carlisle
Robert C. Guyer, Civil Engineering Technology, State College
Raul Guzman, Automotive Technology Management, Teaneck, N.J.
Billie D. Haas, Pre-Physician Assistant, Milton
Justin A. Hackenberg, Building Construction Technology, Middleburg
Adam L. Hackenberger, Building Construction Technology, McAlisterville
Eric J. Hager, HVAC Technology, Mars
Stacy L. Hagerty, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Quarryville
James C. Hakes, Programming and Database Processing, Montoursville
Thomas D. Hall, Civil Engineering Technology, Covington
Andrew J. Hamelly, Building Construction Technology, Jackson Center
Eric M. Hammerschmidt, Building Construction Technology, East Lansing, Mich.
Richard N. Hannan, General Studies, Williamsport
Brett R. Hannon, Building Construction Technology, Holland
Nathan I. Harbst, Automotive Service Technician, Warriors Mark
Ashley Harper, Hospitality Management, Granville Summit
Paul K. Harper, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Lemont
Nadine M. Harris, Management Concentration, Williamsport
James M. Harris Jr., Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport
Abiel B. Harry, Mass Media Communication - Developmental, Williamsport
Derek A. Harter, Toolmaking Technology, Snow Shoe
Tegan R. Hartman, Graphic Design, Montoursville
Jennifer M. Haskins, Specialized Office Information Emphasis, Emporium
Kyle W. Hauck, Construction Management, Mifflinburg
Tristan D. Hauck, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Watsontown
Sherry L. Hauke, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Hughesville
Jason R. Hawley, Banking and Finance Concentration, Montrose
Ethan A. Hayden, Welding Technology, North Brunswick, N.J.
Janele L. Hearn, Radiography, Hughesville
Phillip E. Heath, Dietary Manager Technology, Elizabethtown
Brian E. Heckman, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Howard
Matthew C. Heckman, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Hamburg
Sherry L. Heckman, Applied Human Services, Muncy
Ross Hemmendinger, Nursing, Williamsport
Dianna L. Hemmerly, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Laceyville
Michael W. Hemstreet, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Sinking Spring
Christopher J. Hepburn, Management Concentration, South Williamsport
Brian N. Herbert, Aviation Technology, Williamsport
Evan J. Herr, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Duncansville
Brian S. Herring, Ford Asset, North East
Joshua R. Herron, Computer-Aided Product Design, Jacobus
Steven A. Hess, Electronics Engineering Technology, Enola
Barton M. Hetrick Jr., Aviation Maintenance Technology, Wayne
Kevin A. Hickman, Radiography Concentration, Benton
Kathryn L. Hildenberger, Electronics Engineering Technology, Kensington, Md.
Andrew K. Hill, Building Construction Technology, Lancaster
Kristopher E. Hill, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Throop
Kyle R. Hillegas, Masonry Emphasis, Fairhope
Wayne R. Hiller, Ford Asset, Holland
Jessie M. Hinds, Management Concentration, Pleasant Gap
Thomas A. Hlavaty, HVAC Technology, Pine Grove
Shana L. Hoban, Pre-Applied Health Studies-Cardiovascular Technology, Lewisburg
Franklin J. Hoch, Masonry Emphasis, Kutztown
Sarah E. Hoch, Technology Management, Fleetwood
Lauren S. Hoderny, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Erie
Matthew Hoeger, Technology Management, Danville
Beau J. Hoffa, Diesel Technology, Hamburg
Ross M. Hoffman, HVAC Technology, Gardners
Tyler J. Hoffman, Physical Fitness Specialist, Carlisle
Gregory J. Hollenbaugh, Networking and Technical Support, Huntingdon
Mary A. Hollick, Dietary Manager Technology, Jersey Shore
Kathleen L. Hollm, Pre-Nursing (B.S.), Lewisburg
Jason A. Hoover, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Saxton
John G. Hope, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Carlisle
Heather R. Horn, General Studies, Montgomery
Matthew D. Horn, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Shamokin
Olalee M. Hornberger, Applied Health Studies, Richfield
Richard C. Hornberger, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Dallastown
Timothy L. Hostelley, Electromechanical Maintenance Technology, Allenwood
Danette L. Hostetter, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Annville
Sherry A. Houtz, Applied Human Services, State College
Andrew M. Howdyshell, Collision Repair Technology, Myerstown
James R. Hower, HVAC Technology, Bath
Karen L. Hoyes, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Catawissa
Cheryl J. Hrinda, Individual Studies, Bloomsburg
Abigail S. Huff, Advertising Art, Johnson City, N.Y.
Christopher L. Huff, Automotive Technology Management, Aroda, Va.
Dustin W. Huffman, Radiography Concentration, New Bethlehem
David L. Hull, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Biglerville
Michael D. Hummel, Diesel Technology, Richfield
Christopher J. Hunara, Construction Management, Easton
Phillip G. Hunt, Architectural Technology, Montoursville
Garry L. Hurley Jr., Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Cogan Station
Todd A. Husson, Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Brooke L. Hutchings, Technology Management, Beech Creek
Ryan D. Hutchinson, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Mifflin
Abbalie L. Hutton, Forest Technology, Pocono Pines
David L. Hyson, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Stewartstown
Krista F. Ingram, Biology, DuBois
Inna L. Ivanov, Dental Hygiene, Lewisburg
Daniel R. Izer, HVAC Technology, Greencastle
Jamie R. Izer, Paramedic Technology Concentration, Greencastle
Dennis A. Jackson, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Krystal M. Jackson, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Terre Hill
Scott M. Jacobs, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Enola
Wendy L. Jenkins, Nursing - Adv Place, Canton
Cindy L. J
ennings, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Canton
Marcia A. Johnson, Civil Engineering Technology, Cogan Station
Ryan M. Johnson, Toolmaking Technology, Watsontown
Louis F. Johnson Jr, Technology Management, Montoursville
Casey A. Jones, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Allentown
Ryan L. Jones, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Aliquippa
Suzanne M. Jordan, Nursing, Muncy Valley
Tiffany L. Joyner, Nursing, Stewartstown
Jessica A. Justice, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Alex D. Kaltenbaugh, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Hooversville
Danielle N. Karchner, Management Concentration, Mill Hall
Jonathan P. Kay, HVAC Technology, South Williamsport
Nathan D. Keeler, Networking and Technical Support, Wellsboro
Nicole B. Keeperman, Management Concentration, Milton
Cory E. Kehler, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Williamsport
Judy A. Keim, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Lock Haven
Karen L. Keller, Hospitality Management, Sugarloaf
Keith A. Keller, Electrical Occupations, Renovo
Brandon T. Kennedy, Automotive Technology, Etters
Robert T. Kenner, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Altoona
John A. Kenyon, Networking and Technical Support, Lock Haven
Jeffrey S. Kerr II, Civil Engineering Technology, Bloomsburg
Sarah J. Kershner, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport
Christopher A. Kerstetter, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, McClure
Heather A. Kerstetter, Nursing, Milton
Amber M. Khan, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Absecon, N.J.
Kara L. Kightlinger, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Englewood, Colo.
Patrick D. Kiley, Building Construction Technology, Gloucester Point, Va.
Scott K. Kiley, Automotive Technology, Cabot
Jung Eun Kim, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, South Williamsport
Megan L. Kime, Graphic Communications Management, Gardners
Melanie A. King, Architectural Technology, Troy
Bart R. Kinley, Aviation Technology, Williamsport
Jo Ann M. Kinney, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montoursville
Jacqueline M. Kitchen, Health Information Technology, Williamsport
John A. Kivircik, Electronics Engineering Technology, Cogan Station
Randy A. Klein, Management Information Systems Concentration, Plymouth Meeting
Laura L. Kline, Baking and Pastry Arts, Spring Mills
Kenneth B. Klose, Networking and Technical Support, Sunbury
Wanda G. Knapp, Nursing, Williamsport
Jonathan R. Knorr, General Studies, Montoursville
Tristan F. Knox, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Bedford
Mark P. Konopelski, Networking and Technical Support-Developmental, Centre Hall
Rebecca E. Krall, Computer-Aided Product Design, Watsontown
Eric R. Kramer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, York Haven
Heather L. Kreitz, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montoursville
Matthew D. Krepps, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Aspers
Deanna M. Krick, Nursing, Watsontown
Gail A. Krifka, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Enola
Charles M. Krupa, Collision Repair Technology - Developmental, Exeter
Hoon K. Ku, Computer-Aided Product Design, Williamsport
Kimberly K. Kuhn, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Gettysburg
Nancy K. Kuntz, Business Administration, Trout Run
Jamie Kurtz, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Watsontown
Joseph L. La Forney, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Wapwallopen
Christopher A. La Pay, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Export
Scott C. La Vigne, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Chandlers Valley
Keith A. Laielli, Networking and Technical Support, Linden
James F. Lambert, Surveying Technology, Forksville
Stephen G. Landau, Electrical Technology, Shamokin
Brock H. Landi, Communications/Fiber Optics Emphasis, Lewisburg
J. Daniel Landis, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Milton
William J. Lane, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Chadds Ford
Andrea A. Lauer, Radiography, Berwick
Walton N. Lawrence, HVAC Technology, Williamsport
Kevin A. Lawton, Ford Asset, Mainesburg
Brandon L. Lebo, Construction Management, Boiling Springs
Andrew J. Leer, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Reading
April M. Lees, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Northumberland
Mary E. Lehnig, Computer Applications Technology, South Williamsport
Jonathan M. Lehr, Building Construction Technology, East Berlin
Kristen M. Leidy, Residential Construction Technology and Management, State College
Heather A. Leitzel, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Middleburg
Joseph Lemchak, Collision Repair Technology, Yonkers, N.Y.
Edward S. Lenoci Jr, Ford Asset, Levittown, N.Y.
Galen A. Lentz, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Milton
Teresa R. Lenze, Technology Management, Saint Marys
Aaron P. Lerew, Building Construction Technology, Gardners
Kristi M. Lesho, Nursing, Danville
Nicholas C. Lessard-Chaudoin, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Elizabethtown
Anthony R. Lewis, Building Construction Technology, Martinsburg
Daniel W. Lewis, Applied Health Studies, Perrysville, Ind.
David R. Lewis II, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Green Lane
Joshua D. Lichter, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Montoursville
Benjamin P. Lieb, Building Construction Technology, Nicktown
Angela M. Lilley, Pre-Practical Nursing, Williamsport
Kevin Limerick, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport
Kimberly A. Linette, Forest Technology, Temple
Andrew D. Liprando, Building Construction Technology, Greensburg
Gregory D. Liprando, Building Construction Technology, Greensburg
Daniel R. Little, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Beacon Falls, Conn.
Rachel C. Litwhiler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Benton
Hans A. Livingstone, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Fort Wayne, Ind.
Ashley N. Lloyd, Baking and Pastry Arts, Watsontown
Joshua R. Lodge, Construction Management, Montrose
Rebecca A. Loffredo, Early Childhood Education, Linden
Jason C. Long, Technology Management, Williamsport
Randy K. Lose, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Jason M. Lutz, Networking and Technical Support, Mount Aetna
Christine Lynn, Nursing, Danville
Jessica N. MacDonald, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Flemington
Lindsay A. Mace, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Tunkhannock
Kasey L. Macro, Computer-Aided Product Design, Sinnamahoning
Danny E. Magruder, Radiography, Selinsgrove
Richard M. Maietta, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Cogan Station
Chad M. Major, Electrical Technology, Mill Hall
Shawn M. Major, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Williamsport
Tara R. Major, Technology Management, Williamsport
William M. Malicki, Construction Management, Wilkes Barre
Ashley M. Mantle, Human Services, Jersey Shore
James T. Mardis, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Mechanicsburg
Rickey R. Marshall, Architectural Technology, Lewistown
Lucia L. Martarano, Pre-Physician Assistant, Bloomsburg
Tara L. Martin, Health Policy and Administration Concentration, Bressler
Zachary B. Martin, Automotive Technology Management, Hagerstown, Md.
Derek L. Martzall, Toolmaking Technology, Sinking Spring
Eric A. Maschuck, Electronics Engineering Technology, Paxinos
Elizabeth Z. Mast, Accounting, Morgantown
Jason E. Mastellar, Automotive Technology, Benton
Tracy L. Mathers, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Cogan Station
Tyler A. Mattern, Networking and Technical Support, Paxtonville
Thomas J. Matthews, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Honesdale
Jonathan C. Mattivi, Management Information Systems Concentration, Catawissa
David G. Mazaika, Building Construction Technology, Mcadoo
Wendy A. Mazur, Culinary Arts Technology, Williamsport
Jacob M. Mazzei, Forest Technology, Hollidaysburg
Joshua F. Mazzei, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Hollidaysburg
Erin L. McCarty, Applied Human Services, Montoursville
Elaine E. McClelland, Dental Hygiene, Columbia Cross Roads
Ryan M. McCreary, Building Construction Technology, Lancaster
Colleen M. McDevitt, Applied Human Services, Linden
Brandon J. McDowell, Civil Engineering Technology, Lanse
Terri L. McElrath, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montgomery
Daniel J. McEwen, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Mercer
Brent R. McGonigal, Radiography, Mill Hall
Toby R. McGonigal, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Snow Shoe
Jeffrey McGouldrick, Ford Asset, Bethlehem
Benjamin C. McHenry, Physical Fitness Specialist, Hughesville
Jacob M. McHenry, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lock Haven
Jennifer R. McHenry, Culinary Arts Technology, Lock Haven
Matthew A. McKean, Culinary Arts Technology, Snow Shoe
Daniel N. McKim, Construction Management, Hanover
Gail I. McNaight, Nursing - Adv Place, Milton
Maria K. McNett, General Studies, Canton
Molly J. McNutt, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Brookville
Samantha J. McNutt, Pre-Nursing, Montoursville
Alicia M. McQuillen, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Williamsport
Alice L. Mckeag, Technology Management, Williamsport
Brian T. Meckley, Technician Emphasis, Millersburg
Chesney A. Meckley, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Charlotte E. Meddaugh, Individual Studies, Williamsport
Lindsay R. Meekins, Hospitality Management, Pottstown
Matthew P. Merlino, Electronics Engineering Technology, Palmyra
Dustin C. Mertiff, HVAC Technology, Tyrone
John H. Metcalf, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Williamsport
Jacob D. Metzger, Graphic Design, Portage
Bryan B. Meyerhoffer, Building Construction Technology, Palmyra
Scott C. Meyers, CAT Emphasis, Coopersburg
David R. Middleton, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Watsontown
Rachel L. Midkiff, Radiography, Montoursville
Genevieve R. Miele, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Matthew D. Mierzejewski, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, West Lawn
Erin M. Mifsud, Physician Assistant, Montoursville
Aaron R. Miller, Pre-Radiography, Altoona
Amber L. Miller, Pre-Nursing, Muncy
Christina L. Miller, Accounting, Williamsport
Christopher E. Miller, Automotive Technology Management, Santa Fe, N.M.
Derrick S. Miller, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Dillsburg
Robert A. Miller, Programming and Database Processing, Williamsport
Sandra D. Miller, Radiography, Milton
George R. Mills, Forest Technology, Hyner
Iwao Minami, Banking and Finance Concentration, Williamsport
Chase C. Minetti, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Meadville
April D. Mingos, Nursing, South Williamsport
Michael J. Misurelli, Toolmaking Technology, Stanhope, N.J.
Christopher T. Mitchell, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Salisbury, Md.
Joshua E. Moat, Culinary Arts Technology, Muncy
Timothy L. Moeller, Culinary Arts Technology, Chalfont
Ashlee S. Moon, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Joseph D. Moore, Automotive Technology Management, York
Daniel P. Morgan, General Studies, Milton
John D. Morgan, Architectural Technology, Williamsport
Brett D. Morley, Construction Management, Mechanicsburg
Ann M. Morrison, Physician Assistant, Shippensburg
Valerie L. Morse, Physician Assistant, Montoursville
Stephanie K. Moser, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Bloomsburg
Ryan K. Mostoller, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Friedens
Luke R. Motter, Physical Fitness Specialist, Jersey Shore
Mark P. Moyer, Electronics Engineering Technology, Manheim
David C. Mrosko, Construction Carpentry, Clarksburg, W.Va
Paul F. Mueller Jr., Construction Management, Glenelg, Md.
Brian K. Mull, Nursing, Middleburg
Daniel G. Muntz, Automotive Technology, Sugar Grove
Crystal L. Murphy, Pre-Nursing, Canton
Aaron N. Murray, Collision Repair Technology, Turbotville
Michael P. Murzynski, Construction Management, Erie
Bradley S. Myers, Forest Technology, Lock Haven
Joseph T. Naimoli III, Pre-Radiography, Blossburg
Jillian S. Neely, General Studies, Williamsport
Jake S. Nelms, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Lemoyne
Scott J. Nemeth, Computer-Aided Product Design, Johnstown
Robert L. Newman III, Analysis and Design Concentration, New Columbia
Andrew D. Nice, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Montrose
Tiffany M. Nicholson, Architectural Technology, Freeport
William A. Nidetch, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Danny W. Nightingale, Electronics Engineering Technology, Lindley, N.Y.
Kristi J. Nimmo, Pre-Dental Hygiene, State College
Lisa R. Nogle, Radiography Concentration, Bloomsburg
Douglas R. Nolf, Collision Repair Technology, Mayport
Joseph Nuber, Automotive Technology, Erie
Sabrena A. O'Keefe, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, McClure
John N. O'Malley, Plastics and Polymer Technology, Selinsgrove
Adam M. O'Neil, Electronics Engineering Technology, Seneca
Timothy P. O'Neill, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Perkasie
Doyle D. Oaks, Civil Engineering Technology, Osceola Mills
Ryan A. Olenick, Radiography, Pottsville
Michael L. Olmstead, Hospitality Management, Williamsport
Nickolas J. Ophof, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Flemington, N.J.
Jeffrey R. Orner, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Boiling Springs
Loretta J. Owen, Nursing, Julian
Patti A. Owens, Business Administration, Watsontown
David H. Pace, Automotive Technology Management, Mission Viejo, Calif.
Shawn G. Packer, Electronics Technology, Blanchard
Jilee Pang, Dental Hygiene, Blue Ridge Summit
Allison D. Parks, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Cogan Station
Ryan A. Passarelli, HVAC Technology, Butler
Daniel J. Pasternak, Construction Management, Richlandtown
Michael S. Patterson, Construction Management, Newton, N.J.
Eric S. Paules, Construction Carpentry, Red Lion
Joshua D. Paumen, Architectural Technology, Point Pleasant
David L. Peachey, Automotive Technology, Belleville
Donald L. Peeling, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Muncy
Laura A. Penkaty, Pre-Dental Hygiene - (B.S.), Webster, N.Y.
David R. Pennell, General Studies, Birdsboro
Jennifer L. Pequignot, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Karen L. Persing, Nursing - Advance Placement - Evangelical, Watsontown
Alex E. Piper, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lewistown
Nicholas J. Plank, Construction Management, Enola
Nicole L. Plocinski, Pre-Dental Hygiene, Williamsport
Nathan L. Potteiger, Computer-Aided Product Design, Middletown
Philip R. Pratt Jr., Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Harleysville
Matthew R. Price, Technology Management, Wilburton
Shawn L. Price, Management Information Systems Concentration, Lewistown
Aaron M. Prough, Analysis and Design Concentration, Williamsport
Nathan E. Prough, Culinary Arts Technology, Lock Haven
Wade R. Pryor, Civil Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
David J. Pultynovich, Radiography, Danville
Diane M. Quigley, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Daniel S. Quijada, Programming and Database Processing, Douglassville
Charles W. Rainey, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Jersey Shore
Naveen C. Rajan, Biology, Huntingdon, W.Va
Shawn M. Ramsey, Automotive Technology, Seneca
Dawn M. Ranck, Nursing, Montoursville
Samuel D. Ranck, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, South Williamsport
Anthony D. Rang, Forest Technology, McSherrystown
Annie K. Ranney, Graphic Design, Gouldsboro
April H. Ransom, Executive Emphasis, Lawrenceville
Jacquelyn M. Redden, Advertising Art, Montgomery
Jennifer C. Reed, Physician Assistant, Hegins
Matthew G. Reed, Environmental Technology Management, Montandon
Keila M. Reeder, Human Services, Philipsburg
Sarah A. Reichart, Graphic Design, Orangeville
Matthew D. Reichelderfer, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Jersey Shore
Matthew E. Reiff, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Warren
Denise M. Reis, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Pennsdale
Thomas E. Reisch, Building Construction Technology, Havertown
Beverly A. Renn, Applied Human Services, Muncy
Melody F. Reynolds, Business Management, South Williamsport
Jason D. Rhine, Electronics Engineering Technology, Hawley
Stacy L. Rhine, Early Childhood Education, Jersey Shore
Kyle R. Rhoads, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Harrisburg
Brian D. Rice, Electronics Engineering Technology, Linden
Malika Rice, Graphic Design, Lexington Park, Md.
Robert D. Richter Jr., Ford Asset, Holland
Dustin M. Rickert, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Valley View
James S. Riedel, Automotive Technology Management, Massapequa Park, N.Y.
Josh P. Rieg, Collision Repair Technology, Julian
Justin L. Rigg, Computer-Aided Product Design, Glenmoore
Eric J. Riggs, Plumbing, Canton
Lindsay J. Riglin, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Bellefonte
Daniel G. Riley, Electrical Occupations, Westfield
Wanda L. Riley, Nursing - Adv Place, Elysburg
Derek J. Rinaldo, Civil Engineering Technology, Minersville
Rebecca A. Rinker, Early Childhood Education, Cogan Station
Jed L. Risser, Building Construction Technology, Middleburg
Casey L. Roan, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Montgomery
William E. Roan, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Beech Creek
Stephanie A. Robbins, Technology Management, Watsontown
Cheryl J. Robinson, Management Concentration, Williamsport
Mark J. Rockwell, Pre-Physician Assistant, Linden
Matthew D. Rockwell, General Studies, Linden
Anita D. Rogers, Early Childhood Education, Williamsport
Samantha K. Rogers, Graphic Design, Coaldale
Helen M. Rogers-Koon, Nursing, Bellefonte
Matthew A. Roman, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Nesquehoning
Jobeth J. Romania, Graphic Design, Catawissa
Anthony V. Romano, Automotive Technology Management, Hackensack, N.J.
Francesca K. Romano, Radiography, Danville
Ryan R. Romberger, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Pillow
Joseph P. Roque, Cabinetmaking and Millwork, Throop
Megan E. Ross, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Jason M. Rossi, Graphic Communications Management, Hunlock Creek
Kenneth M. Roth, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, State College
Brandon S. Roush, Forest Technology, Mt. Pleasant Mills
Stacy L. Rowles, Health Information Technology, Rebersburg
Kelly M. Rupp, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Williamsport
Hilary M. Ryan, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Cape May Court House, N.J.
Eric L. Ryder, Business Administration, Muncy Valley
Joanne M. Saber, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Roaring Spring
Robert A. Sadler, Welding Technology, State College
Michael R. Salamone, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Gouldsboro
Christina M. Saxton, Occupational Therapy Assistant Concentration, Shamokin Dam
Nathan A. Sayre, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Wellsboro
Frank B. Scarfo III, Business Management, Williamsport
Daniel K. Schepis, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Danville
Craig L. Schiavone, HVAC Technology, Mt. Sinai, N.Y.
Ryan J Schiavone, HVAC Technology, Mount Sinai, N.Y.
Michael P. Schilp, Automotive Technology, Chester, N.J.
Michael A. Schino, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Ewing, N.J.
Bruce A. Schlichter, Electronics Engineering Technology, Bloomsburg
Kevin L. Schmidt Jr., Architectural Technology, Mill Hall
David P. Schneider, Civil Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Marc F. Schoendorf, Technology Management, Newington, Conn.
Karl E. Schooley, Accounting, Watsontown
Julian D. Schramp, Culinary Arts Technology, New Columbia
Ann Marie Schuler, Management Concentration, DuBoistown
Matthew S. Schwarz, Toolmaking Technology, Northampton
Fortunato J. Scimeca, Automotive Technology, Sussex, N.J.
Beth A. Seal, Graphic Design, Howard
Alison N. Seasholtz, Advertising Art, Avis
Kimberly A. Secules, Management Information Systems Concentration, Allenwood
Michael J. Sember, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Jersey Shore
Carrie A. Sensenig, Graphic Design, Reading
Christopher D. Sensenig, Business Management, Watsontown
Vincent J. Sestili, Culinary Arts Technology, Blakely
Tracey L. Seylar, Physician Assistant, Chambersburg
Jeffrey C. Shade, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, South Williamsport
Jennifer M. Shade, Physical Fitness Specialist, Williamsport
Seth R. Shady, Toolmaking Technology, Loganton
Alycia D. Shaffer, Business Management, South Williamsport
Craig A. Shaffer, Pre-Nursing, Wellsboro
Olivia L. Shaffer, Office Information Systems, Middleburg
Robert T. Shaffer, Electrical Occupations, DuBoistown
Ryan D. Shaffer, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Johnstown
Sarah J. Shaffer, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Shermans Dale
Scott L. Shaffer, Networking and Technical Support, Williamsport
Stephanie L. Shaffer, Graphic Design, Jersey Shore
Parul P. Shah, Pre-Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Grant M. Shane, Electronics Engineering Technology, Imler
Nichole E. Shanefelter, Mass Communications, Hanover
William M. Shank, Toolmaking Technology, Bolivar
Brian G. Shea, Electronics Engineering Technology, Green Lane
Daniel L. Shifflet, Technology Management, Williamsport
Kevin L. Shreckengast, Pre-Nursing, Beech Creek
Scot D. Shrom, Technology Management, Ephrata
Brandi M. Shuck, Nursing, Mifflinburg
Michael C. Shulski, General Studies, Williamsport
Erin S. Shultz, Mass Communications, Williamsport
Stephen W. Shupp Jr., Construction Management, Danville
Charles A. Simmons, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Trout Run
Bryan A. Simpson, Building Construction Technology, Irwin
Steven S. Sinclair, Pre-Nursing, Boalsburg
Tarini T. Singh, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Hazel L. Singleton, Business Administration, Williamsport
Michael R. Sitler, Networking and Technical Support, Bloomsburg
Steven N. Skeen, Electric Power Generation Technology, Rhinebeck, N.Y.
Toni M. Slegle, Printing and Publishing Technology, Jersey Shore
Melissa J. Slingerland, Floral Design/Interior Plantscape, Williamsport
Andrew C. Small, Pre-Nursing, South Williamsport
Adam L. Smith, Automated Manufacturing Technology, Milton
Ethan G. Smith, Collision Repair Technology, Lititz
Jason M. Smith, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Hillsgrove
Joshua J. Smith, Aviation Technology, Halifax
Kevin M. Smith, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Williamsport
Matthew R. Smith, Electric Power Generation Technology, Hampstead, Md.
Jason M. Snell, Collision Repair Technology, St Johnsville, N.Y.
Nora B. Snider, Physical Fitness Specialist, Imler
Becky J. Snyder, Marketing Concentration, Lairdsville
Nathaniel S. Snyder, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Ruth A. Snyder, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Montoursville
Tracy L. Snyder, Nursing - Advance Placement - Evangelical, Watsontown
Zachary A. Soccio, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Lewistown
Timothy L. Sommers, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Montgomery
Ashley R. Songer, Business Management, Emporium
Michael S. Southworth, Business Management, Bloomsburg
Audra E. Sowich, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Kara J. Spangler, Graphic Communications Management, Wapwallopen
James S. Spear, Accounting, Milton
Marc J. Speciale, Computer-Aided Product Design, Columbia Crossroads
Dara C. Spencer, Marketing Concentration, Williamsport
Tiffany L. Spencer, Office Information Systems, Williamsport
Angela S. Spohn, Applied Health Studies, Halifax
Jamie L. Spooner, Management Information Systems Concentration, Williamsport
Adam C .Spotts, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Loganton
Stephen J. St Andre, Culinary Arts Technology, Lock Haven
Sean M. Stabler, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Montoursville
Kenneth R. Stabley Jr., Diesel Technology, Jersey Shore
Andrea M. Stahl, Accounting, Sunbury
James R. Stahl, Technology Management, Port Matilda
Meghann E. Stasko, Building Construction Technology, Hazleton
Joseph K. Statella, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, York
Curtis J. Steinbacher, General Studies, Jersey Shore
Benjamin M. Steinberger, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Chambersburg
Vance W. Steiner, Electronics Engineering Emphasis, Oil City
Charles D. Stence, Aviation Technology, Rebersburg
Jeremy E. Steppe, Electric Power Generation Technology, Williamsport
Destiny R. Sterner, Culinary Arts Technology, Berwick
Maxine L. Stiffler, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Muncy
Thomas W. Stipe, Applied Health Studies, Middletown
James F. Stiver, Management Information Systems Concentration, Williamsport
Kelly M. Stiver, Technology Management, Altoona
Nichole R. Stiver, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Williamsport
Angela R. Stockton, Early Childhood Education, Morris Run
Kyle J. Stoltzfus, Networking and Technical Support, Lewisburg
Danielle L. Stotler, Management Concentration, Watsontown
Jared H. Stouffer, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Chambersburg
Matthew C. Stover, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Mechanicsburg
Sara A. Street, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Watsontown
Benjamin L. Strine, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, York
Matthew J. Strine, Electric Power Generation Technology, York
Matthew L. Strine, Ford Asset, York
Ronald E. Stroud, Business Management, East Smithfield
Amber L. Swales, Legal Assistant/Paralegal, Jersey Shore
James J. Swisher, Banking and Finance Concentration, Montoursville
Tessie M. Swisher, Radiography, Unityville
Darsena C. Swope, Accounting, Milton
Marie A. Szabo, Graphic Communications Management, Williamsport
Michael S. Szilagyi, Electronics Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Bruce R. Tami, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Clearfield
Megan D. Taylor, Business Management, Montgomery
Hannah P. Ten Eyck, Culinary Arts Technology, Danville
Frank E. Tenon, Building Construction Technology, Winfield
Richard A. Therrien, Diesel Technology, Benton
Isaac R. Thielman, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Beaver
Lindsay M. Thomas, Pre-Nursing, Harrisburg
Robert S. Thomas, Building Construction Technology, Jim Thorpe
Nicholas R. Thompson, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Sunbury
Mark A. Todd, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Spring City
Matthew B. Tomaszewski, Automotive Technology Management, Burlington, N.J.
Mackenzie E. Tomazin, Physical Fitness Specialist, Pine Grove
Jacob R. Tomlinson, Forest Technology, Wellsboro
Edward Topper, Aviation Maintenance Technology, Nanticoke
Tihomir R. Tountchev, Industrial Process Control Emphasis, Danville
Nicholas R. Trainor, CAT Emphasis, Highland, N.Y.
Brandon J. Treaster, Collision Repair Technology, Belleville
Joanna M. Treese, Business Management, Hughesville
Brian D. Tretter, Building Construction Technology, Bloomsburg
Tyler L. Truitt, Surveying Technology, New Bethlehem
Rachael D. Trump, Radiography, Williamsport
Adam R. Turner, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Barnesville
Diane L. Turner, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Aaron M. Tyson, Forest Technology, Bellefonte
Rebecca L. Tyson, Practical Nursing Emphasis, Loganton
Troy N. Tyson, Ford Asset, Montandon
Trevor R Ulmer, Building Construction Technology, Hatfield
Erin S Ulrich, Marketing Concentration, Bloomsburg
Justin E Unterkofler, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Mohrsville
Austin M Upright, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Montoursville
Glenn E. Van Arkel, Toolmaking Technology, Pine City, N.Y.
Jonathan. P Van Campen, Automotive Service Technician, Jersey Shore
Paula L. Van Horn, Banking and Finance Concentration, Hughesville
Rita J. Van Sant, Accounting, Cogan Station
Bradford M. Van Valkenburg, Graphic Communications Management, Blairstown, N.J.
Benjamin L. Vance, Construction Carpentry, Williamsport
Joshua P. Vandermark, Management Concentration, Cyclone
Janae M. Vanderpool, Occupational Therapy - Developmental, Towanda
Yidrisca M. Vargas, Physician Assistant, Williamsport
Jared L. Varner, Electronics Engineering Technology, Chambersburg
Jennifer L. Vastine, Forest Technology, Danville
Jesse R. Viani, Management Information Systems Concentration, Wellsville
Mark D. Villecco, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Sinking Spring
Michele L. Vincent, Civil Engineering Technology, McElhattan
Lauren M. Vitolins, Management Concentration, Cogan Station
Stephanie E. Vrontisis, Physician Assistant, Milton
Lois V. Wachter, Business Administration, South Williamsport
Anita L. Wagner, Nursing, Muncy
Chad E. Wagner, Electronics Engineering Technology, Tionesta
Joann H. Wagner, Landscape/Nursery Technology, Bloomsburg
Brett D. Walk, Forest Technology, Montoursville
Daniel J. Walker, Networking and Technical Support, Susquehanna
John A. Wallen, Civil Engineering Technology, Lock Haven
Patrick J. Walter, Civil Engineering Technology, Millerburg
Casie L. Walters, Applied Human Services, Williamsport
Jennifer L. Walton, Accounting, Williamsport
Brooke L. Waltz, Radiography, Montoursville
Clifford L. Waltz, Radiography, Lock Haven
Robert F. Ward, Automotive Technology Management, Williamsport
Devon E. Warner, Building Construction Technology, Port Matilda
Jonathan R. Warner, Computer Automation Maintenance Emphasis, Carrolltown
Ashley N. Waterman, Accounting, Lock Haven
Joshua R. Watkins, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Ringtown
Brandon N. Way, Building Construction Technology, Bedford
Emily J. Weaver, Technology Management, Ephrata
Lesa C. Weaver, Culinary Arts Technology, Milesburg
Leslie M. Weaver, Banking and Finance Concentration, New Columbia
Michael C. Weaver, Graphic Communications Management, Williamsport
Nathan E. Weaver, Plastics and Polymer Engineering Technology, Williamsport
Jeffery A. Weaver II, Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning Technology, Quakertown
Michael G. Webb, Welding, South Williamsport
Sheri M. Webb, Physical Fitness Specialist, Watsontown
Derek A. Weeks, Welding and Fabrication Engineering Technology, Floyd, Va.
Kacy R. Weiand, Physical Fitness Specialist, Millerstown
Matthew B. Weir, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Swarthmore
Matthew B. Welickovitch, Individual Studies, Montoursville
Matthew B. Weller, Electronics Engineering Technology, Bowers
Benjamin B. Wells, Analysis and Design Concentration, Mingoville
Kenneth L. Wells, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Mingoville
Dane M. Wence, Automotive Technology, Hamilton, Va.
Eunice N. Wensel, Applied Human Services, Beech Creek
Joshua W. Wentzell, Collision Repair Technology, Pilesgrove, N.J.
Alan J. Wertz, Manufacturing Engineering Technology, Danville
Casey A. Wesche, Welding Technology, Angelica, N.Y.
Leann M. Wetzel, Pre-Nursing, Williamsport
Pamela M. White, Office Information Systems, Turbotville
Amanda S. Whitesel, General Studies, Cogan Station
Jessica M. Whiting, Biology, Liberty
Michael H. Wiener, HVAC Technology, Allentown
Ruth M. Wiest, Programming and Database Processing, New Columbia
Brian S. Wilcox, Environmental Technology, Wellsboro
Lonnie L. Wilcox, Graphic Communications Technology, Williamsport
Robert S. Wilkinson, Electronics Technology, Williamsport
Adam F. Wilks, Construction Carpentry, Milton
Gregory J. Willi, Heavy Construction Equipment Technology, Enola
Kenrick B. Willits, Computer-Aided Drafting Technology, Williamsport
Michael A. Willow, Residential Construction Technology and Management, Mifflinburg
Dawnmaire Wilson, Travel and Tourism Emphasis, Covington
Jerry L. Wilson, Civil Engineering Technology, Tyrone
Justin M. Wilson, Electronics Engineering Technology, Chalk Hill
Steven A. Wilson, Applied Health Studies, Montoursville
Ashley L. Wilt, Graphic Design, Lock Haven
Sarah E. Wilver, Early Childhood Education, Danville
Miriam J. Witmer, Pre-Physician Assistant, Virginia Beach, Va.
Stacy J. Womer, Culinary Arts Technology, Bloomsburg
Michael A. Wonders, Construction Management, Newville
Eric H. Wong, Ford Asset, Holmdel, N.J.
Walter J. Wood, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Boyertown
Brian D. Woods, HVAC Technology, Industry
Christopher D. Woomer, Operator Emphasis, Tyrone
Nicole R. Worden, Radiography, Williamsport
Timothy D. Worrell, Networking and Technical Support, Wyalusing
Casey L. Wortman, Baking and Pastry Arts, Kersey
Justin P. Wright, General Studies, Williamsport
Lashelle E. Wright, Pre-Applied Health Studies, Bellefonte
Ashley Yaple, Graphic Design, Stillwater
Yon C. Yi, Aviation Maintenance Technician, Harrisburg
Dennis M. Yingling Jr., Technical and Professional Communication, Jersey Shore
Martin L. Yoder, Toolmaking Technology, Nescopeck
John R. Yogodzinski III, Graphic Communications Management, Harveys Lake
Andrea P. Yohe, Legal Assistant/Paralegal Studies, Salladasburg
Brandon M. Yost, Environmental Technology, Lock Haven
Joshua M. Yost, Collision Repair Technology, Cochranton
Ronald D. Yost, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Avis
Cheryl L. Young, Nursing, Williamsport
Danielle N. Young, Management Information Systems Concentration, Langhorne
Joshua D. Young, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Williamsport
Timothy M. Zechman, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, Jersey Shore
David B. Zeigenfuse, Internetworking Application Development Concentration, Shamokin
Jason P. Zielewicz, Applied Health Studies, Williamsport
Ryan K. Zimmerman, Data Communications and Networking Concentration, South Williamsport
Tracy L. Zolnai, Medical Emphasis, Atlantic
Steven Zomerfeld III, Construction Carpentry, Courtdale
Jeffrey M. Zook, Masonry Emphasis, Belleville
Zachary L. Zook, Building Construction Technology, Carlisle