Penn College's Archery Program Growing

Published 02.13.2002


Pennsylvania College of Technology's archery program has consistently earned national recognition in the male compound-bow division for the past five seasons and, this year, it looks to expand with the addition of teams in two categories.

Under the direction of second-year Coach Chad Karstetter, the Wildcats have added female compound-bow and male-recurve bow teams, and Karstetter envisions taking the next step up.

"In the past, we've only had male compound. You get so many points for having a male compound team and so many points for having an all-American and so many points for how each individual does in the knockout round (to determine national ranking)," he said. "We've always ranked 11th or 12th because we do so well in one division, but, this year, with three teams, hopefully we can get more points and move up the ladder."

For the novice, a compound bow has a wheel, or cam, at the top and bottom of the bow to assist in drawing back a high-tension string. The string on a recurve connects directly to the bow, with no pulley system in use.

Returning from last year's squad are Harry Bauman, a junior from the former Lock Haven High School, who earned All-America status; and Rachel Probst, a junior from Bald Eagle Area High in Wingate, who earned national honors as the Most Improved Female while shooting as an individual in the compound bow.

Bauman again will compete in the male compound division with seniors Kevin Spring of Williamsport and Micah Gerrity of Williamsbury, junior Matt Frye of Muncy and freshman Chad Groff of West Perry. Spring and Frye also lettered last year.

Others on the team who will be vying throughout the season to compete in matches are senior Dave Heally II of Hodgson High in New Castle, Del.; sophomores Adam Milcoff of Spring Grove and Joe Campogiani of Daniel Boone High in Birdsboro, and freshmen Jon Mattivi of Southern Columbia, Ryan Romberger of Upper Dauphin, Greg Shawuer of Lewistown, Cody Young of Indiana, and Steve Liehr of Fairless Hills.

Joining Probst on the female compound team are freshmen Beth Robinson of Williamsport and Sarah Douglas of West Perry, while, on the male recurve team, are junior Aaron Holdren of Athens and freshmen Robert McIntosh of Lockport, N.Y.; and Jason Kornbau of Red Lion.

Assessing his shooters, Karstetter noted, "For the male compound, we have a pretty strong team. We have Kevin, Matt and Harry, who are returning from previous years and all have a basic idea of what they need to do. Individually, I can see Harry being right there again (as an All-American).

"It's kind of hard to look at a recurve because I've never had a recurve team, but Rob McIntosh has a recurve background. When he started here, he showed the other two recurves how to shoot. Between what he has shown them and what I have shown them, we seem to have a pretty good team."

"For the women, I look for Rachel to again be one of the top females in the country. Sara and Beth haven't shot competitively, so it's a little hard to say."

Reflecting on the recent state indoor championships, for which results are not yet available, Karstetter said, "I've got a lot of new young archers who are not experienced in tournament situations. For the first shoot, they did reasonably well, but nobody stood out."

Last season as a team, Penn College was second in the East Coast Regionals and fifth in the Outdoor Nationals.