College Presents Student Awards

Published 05.20.2000

Student News

Pennsylvania College of Technology presented awards to the following students in commencement ceremonies conducted recently:

PRESIDENT'S AWARD for leadership and service to the College: Richard K. English, Milton.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS' AWARD for achievement under exceptional conditions: Bonnie L. Sherwood, Cogan Station; and Joseph C. Laudermilch, Harrisburg.

ROSE STAIMAN MEMORIAL AWARD to the student who fulfills the requirements of brotherhood, service to College and community and scholastic achievement: Bennie J. Dodds, Hughesville.

ACADEMIC VICE PRESIDENT AND PROVOST'S AWARD for scholastic achievement and service to the College: Rochelle E. McAndrews, DuBoistown.

LEWIS H. BARDO MEMORIAL AWARD for a student who exemplifies the ideals of Lewis H. Bardo (devotion to duty, helpfulness to others, friendliness and high ideals): Graham K. Hantz, Coplay.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE IN NURSING AWARD presented to the graduate(s) of the nursing major for outstanding academic achievement and exceptional ability in practicum and communication skills: Jennifer E. Smerlick, Sunbury.

THE SHIRLEY NOVOSEL MEMORIAL AWARD to a student who demonstrates leadership and proficiency in clinical work; promotes client advocacy; shows a strong desire to learn and help others learn; displays a caring, compassionate and empathetic attitude towards patients; and displays a positive attitude toward the nursing program in general: Matthew P. McMahon, Williamsport.

THE WOODLANDS BANK AWARD to the student in the computer science area with a secondary emphasis toward a career in either banking or business administration: Monica A. Spotts, Mount Pleasant Mills.

WALL STREET JOURNAL STUDENT ACHIEVEMENT AWARD to that graduating student demonstrating superior achievement in business administration: Richard A. Mirtz Sr., Selinsgrove.

PHI BETA LAMBDA FRATERNITY AWARD for performance and dedication to the fraternity: Denise L. Holbrook, South Williamsport.

THE JACK MINNIER ACHIEVEMENT AWARD IN BUSINESS to a graduate of the School of Business and Computer Technologies who earned at least a 3.0 cumulative grade-point average and who exhibits personal achievement, personal perseverance, poise, personality and leadership qualities: Nathan J. Snavely, Jersey Shore.

PENNSYLVANIA INSTITUTE OF CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANTS' AWARD for excellence in accounting studies in the School of Business and Computer Technologies under criteria set forth by the Pennsylvania Institute of Certified Public Accountants: Eric K. Fisher, Bellefonte.

ACCOUNTING FACULTY AWARD for outstanding achievement in accounting to a non-transfer student on the basis of academic standing, selected by the accounting faculty: Sarah E. Fay, Dewart.

FLOWSERVE AWARD for scholastic achievement in a certificate major in applied arts and sciences: John H. Hamm, Mill Hall.

BUSINESS MANAGEMENT FACULTY AWARD presented to the management student for achievement in the field of study, for leadership qualities shown and cooperation with faculty and peers: Danna L. Hamilton, Montoursville.

COMPUTER SCIENCE FACULTY AWARD for scholastic achievement, work ethics, character, contribution to the department and contribution to fellow students: Gwendolyn E. Hilborn, Jersey Shore; and Ryan H. Peters, State College.

KEYSTONE FINANCIAL BANK ANNUAL AWARD presented to a graduating student in one of the two-year computer information systems associate-degree curricula (Business Programming, Microcomputer Specialist, Computer Science, or Microcomputer Applications Development Emphasis) based on the following criteria: the student: must plan to enter the data processing field, must have demonstrated excellence in programming and other data processing curriculum, must have maintained an above-average total scholastic achievement and must have demonstrated a high degree of leadership ability: Shannan J. Leap, Williamsport.

OFFICE INFORMATION SYSTEMS FACULTY AWARD presented to the office information systems student who has demonstrated the highest level of proficiency in the operation of office information systems and who has exhibited the characteristics of an ideal employee: Tammy R. Staccone, Williamsport.

NORTH CAMPUS OFFICE TECHNOLOGY AWARD presented to the graduate who has demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and outstanding skills in the office technology area: Susan M. Ramos, Canton.

THE OFFICE TECHNOLOGY FACULTY AWARD presented to the office administration students who have demonstrated outstanding proficiency in all office skills as well as excellence in the areas of human relations, leadership and cooperation: Susan M. Ramos, Canton; and Debra C. Reimensnyder, Milton.

A. W. S. STUDENT CHAPTER AWARD to a member of the Student Chapter who has shown leadership and dedication in the field of welding: Mathew A. Harrison, Portersville.

PENNSYLVANIA COLLEGE OF TECHNOLOGY WELDING FACULTY AWARD for a graduating student in the two- or four-year degree welding majors that exemplifies the College philosophy of excellence: Robert V. Blauser, Williamsport.

ROBERT G. THOMAS AWARD for the graduating student who has attained the highest cumulative average in welding: Shawn P. Ulmer, Williamsport.

SOCIETY OF MANUFACTURING ENGINEERS AWARD, a recognition award to the SME student-member(s) who have contributed most to the advancement of manufacturing education: Roger L. Snook, McClure (associate's-degree award); and Graham K. Hantz, Coplay (bachelor's-degree award).

THE EWING W. MUESELER AWARD for the student showing the highest degree of proficiency in the diesel program: Robby R. Russell, Tamaqua.

DALE RUSS BERG AWARD for proficiency in the operation and use of heavy equipment: Steven H. Champaign, Wellsboro.

WILLIAM J. STITZEL MEMORIAL AWARD for the graduate from the heavy construction equipment major who best exemplifies William J. Stitzel's dedication and service to the College and the student body: Craig M. Plowman,Cooperstown.

DRAFTING FACULTY AWARD to a graduating drafting student, chosen by the faculty, who has demonstrated scholastic achievement, interest in the field and potential for success in the future: Ryan K. Bingaman, McVeytown.

JOINT APPRENTICESHIP & TRAINING COMMITTEE AWARD to the top plumbing student: Thomas H. Beck, Warren.

U. A. LOCAL NO. 520 PLUMBERS AND STEAMFITTERS AWARD to a graduating stu­dent in plumbing and heating, residing in the Local No. 520 membership area, who has shown a strong interest and desire to become a member of the Plumbers and Steamfitters Local No. 520: Shawn E. Irwin, Hanover.

THE DR. CLARKE J. HOLLISTER MEMORIAL AWARD to the student who has shown outstanding ability and achievement in dental health education: Kara K. Hoffman, York.

LYCOMING COUNTY DENTAL SOCIETY AWARD to the graduating student who has the highest scholastic standing for the prescribed years of dental hygiene study: Beth D. Showers, Selinsgrove.

THE NORTH CENTRAL DENTAL HYGIENISTS' ASSOCIATION AWARD to the student who elicits the greatest enthusiasm and commitment to the dental hygiene major: Beth D. Showers, Selinsgrove.

ELECTRICAL EXCELLENCE AWARD sponsored by Schaedler Bros., Inc., to the electrical occupations student chosen by the College to have exhibited outstanding capabilities in his or her course of study: Edward J. Saboski, Williamsport.

ELECTRICAL FACULTY AWARD to a graduating electrical student, chosen by the faculty, who has demonstrated outstanding ability and achievement in the electrical major: Mark A. Moskovich, Bloomsburg.

GAMMA EPSILON TAU AWARD to the student in the graphic communications major who exhibits outstanding development in skill, capability and leadership, and a willingness to help others: Scott P. Fry, Mechanicsburg.

THE MATHEMATICS FACULTY AWARD to the student who demonstrates outstanding achievement in mathematics: Brian A. Reidy, Williamsport.

HARVEY A. MARTIN MEMORIAL AWARD to a graphic communication graduate, selected by the faculty of the printing and publishing major, who exhibits a commitment to the profession and love of the major: Michael P. Potemra,Williamsport.

ELIZABETH R. DOWNS AWARD for secretarial proficiency: Gina L. Mingle, Muncy.

HOSPITALITY FACULTY AWARD presented to the graduate(s) who demonstrate academic achievement, exemplify professionalism and a commitment to excellence in Hospitality: Rachel A. Brown, Breesport, N.Y.

PENN COLLEGE MACHINE SHOP FACULTY AWARD for a graduating student in the two- or four-year degree machine shop majors who exemplifies the College's philosophy of excellence and exhibits devotion to duty, helpfulness to others and friendliness: Bryan E. Harlacker, York.

NURSING PEER RECOGNITION AWARD presented to the graduate(s) of the nursing major who fellow classmates believe exhibits the characteristics of the technical nurse role: Kathy J. Paul, Winfield.

HU-FRIEDY GOLDEN SCALER AWARD to the student who has the highest clinical average in dental hygiene: Leslie A. Beltran, Boiling Springs.

PROCTOR AND GAMBLE AWARD to a dental hygiene major graduate in recognition of knowledge in the preventative aspects of dental disease and the contributions toward the preventative oral health of patients: Summer J. Bednar, Warren.

DENTAL HYGIENE FACULTY AWARD to the student who demonstrates the most growth and development throughout the course of study in the dental hygiene major: Angela R. Myers, Elizabethtown.

THE ED DOBECK MEMORIAL AWARD presented by the Susquehanna Chapter of the PA Society of Land Surveyors for a graduating civil engineering technology or surveying technology student expressing an interest in a land-surveying career: Kenneth Fronheiser, Boyertown.

COLGATE AWARD to the graduating student who exhibits enthusiasm for dental hygiene, dedication to patients and the pursuit of excellence in dental hygiene: Analissa Pasztor-Graeb, Williamsport.

PATRICIA A. SAXTON EXCELLENCE IN DENTAL HYGIENE AWARD to the student who exhibits dedication to the profession through personal growth, self-development and support of others: Jessica S. Crull, Shermansdale.

WARNER LAMBERT PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE IN DENTAL HYGIENE AWARD presented to a second-year dental hygiene student who has demonstrated outstanding clinical expertise in preventive and therapeutic oral health care, education in health promotion/disease prevention and recommendation of clinically researched oral hygiene care products for oral health care wellness with patients: Margaret A. Harvath, Punxsutawney.

SIGMA PHI ALPHA AWARD to the graduating dental hygiene student who has the highest grade-point average at the end of the fourth semester: Margaret A. Harvath, Puxsutawney; and Beth Showers, Selinsgrove.

MCNERNEY, PAGE, VANDERLIN & HALL AWARD to the graduate of the legal assistant studies major with the highest grade-point average: John R. Bilbay, Sunbury.

LEPLEY, ENGELMAN & YAW AWARD to the graduate of the legal assistant major with the highest grade-point average: Wendy D. Janerella, North Bend.

LYCOMING COUNTY PARALEGAL ASSOCIATION AWARD to the graduate of the legal assistant studies major for outstanding senior project in the program: John R. Bilbay, Sunbury.

WEST BRANCH SUSQUEHANNA BUILDERS ASSOCIATION AWARD to the students − three from building construction technology and/or masonry construction emphasis (associate degrees) and two from construction carpentry or cabinetmaking and millwork (certificates) − with outstanding grade-point averages, high moral characters and outstanding trade skills who have demonstrated ability to work well with students, faculty and staff: (associate degrees) Jack W. Sidari, Campbell, NY; Steven V. Mellott, Jr., Tyrone; S. Joshua Hilliard, Milesburg; (certificates) Michael K. Frey, Bloomsburg, and Michael S. Klabunde, Easton.