Penn College Teleconference Highlights Developmental Education

Published 01.17.2000


"Teaching Developmental Education: Policy and Pedagogy," a PBS Adult Learning Service Teleconference, will be held Thursday, Jan. 27, at Pennsylvania College of Technology.

The event, scheduled for 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. in the Advisement Center in Room 154 of the Learning Resources Center, will examine developmental education from a national and a classroom perspective.

The broadcast will begin by examining current research and its implications. Respected leaders in the field will clarify the importance of developmental education to colleges today and in the future. Elements of successful programs will be pinpointed so that participants can apply them to their own classrooms and institutional goals.

Topics to be covered include why colleges should provide developmental education; national trends that affect the future of education; essentials of developmental programs that will benefit students; making the classroom more accessible to nontraditional students; encouraging active learning through small group sessions; and models for creating and improving programs for nontraditional students.

Other topics include strategies for creating confident, independent learners; ideas for using your community as an extended classroom; rules or procedures for writing across the curriculum as an instructional strategy to enhance students? self-perceptions and bolster achievement; and recommendations for improving performance with remedial/developmental programs.

The teleconference is open to anyone, and there is no fee. Outside the college, call 320-8036 for more information.